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Kannada BJP MLA Speech – Dinamani

Kannada BJP MLA Basanakelada Patil Yatnal has raised suspicions by questioning whether former Congress leader Sonia Gandhi is a poisonous woman.

A general meeting of the Congress was held in Cuttack district on Thursday on the occasion of the Kannada assembly polls. Speaking in this meeting, Congress leader Mallikarjuna Karke severely criticized Prime Minister Modi as a poisonous snake. BJP condemned this. Kharge said that he did not mention the Prime Minister and said his comments were aimed at the BJP.

In this case, BJP general meeting was held in Koppal district on Thursday. Speaking in this meeting, the party’s MLA Basanakelada Patil Yatnal said, ‘The whole world appreciates Prime Minister Modi. At one point, the United States refused to grant him a visa. But today, standing as a world leader, he is given a red carpet welcome. He is compared to Rajanagam and called the poisonous snake.

Sonia Gandhi has ruined the country. He acts as an agent of China and Pakistan. Is he a poisoner?’ He questioned.

Congress has condemned Basanakelada’s speech. In a statement released by the party’s general secretary, Randeep Surjewala, he insisted that ‘if Prime Minister Modi has character and dignity, he should immediately remove Basanakelada from the party’.