“Karar Ai Louh Kapat” protest against changing the tune of the song in RanaghatPipa News


“Karar Ai Louh Kapat” protest against changing the tune of the song in Ranaghat

Puber Kalam Reporter, Nadia:

The social and cultural organization ‘Ranaghat Maitri’ took a proposal in a meeting and public signature program on Monday to protest against the change in the tone of the historical revolutionary songs of the freedom movement in india without breaking, or protesting strongly against the change. ‘Ranaghat Maitri’ appeals to all Nazrul lovers, fans, artist organizations and people of all cultural practices and people from all walks of life to continue protesting in this regard.

Bengal’s rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’ joined AR Rahman’s musical fury. Artists in Bengal have opened their mouths against Rahman. Ranaghat Maitri organized a protest meeting. The president of the organization, Subir Bhowmik, expressed his anger and said, “With all due respect to AR Rahman, I want to know who gave him the right to distort the song.” Nazrul’s family did not talk about changing the tune while giving the title. What kind of song! Like a rural song, Bhatiali did it. made it cheaper.’ Nazrul wrote the song “Karar Oi Louh Kapat” on 20 June 1922. When freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das was in jail, his wife Basanti Devi asked Nazrul to write something about the people of Bengal. To comply with this request, Nazrul composed the song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’. which was recorded in June 1949. Sung by Girin Chakraborty. Said poet Shafiqul Islam, director Rajakrishna Menon’s film ‘Pippa’ used the song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’ written by Nazrul. Nazrul’s song was used in the film made in the context of the Liberation War. But Oscar-winner Rahman changed the tune in his own way. So that many people from both Bengal joined the protest. We joined. Among those who spoke in the meeting on that day were Pareshnath Karma Kar Alok Kumar Das, Srijani Mukherjee, Pradeep Pal, Karbi Sen, Adhir Mandal, Anjana Biswas etc.