Karnataka BJP MLA resigns due to bribery Karnataka BJP MLA resigns due to bribery son Pipa News

Karnataka BJP MLA resigns due to bribery Karnataka BJP MLA resigns due to bribery son

Bengaluru: The Lokayukta police have arrested five people, including the son of Karnataka BJP MLA Madal Virupak Shabba, who took a bribe of Rs 40 lakh from a contractor. Absconding first-time convict MLA Virupak Shabba resigned as chairman of Karnataka government’s soap and detergent company yesterday. During the search at his office and houses, 8.13 crore rupees in cash and kilos of gold jewelery were seized.

BJP is ruling under the leadership of Chief Minister Basavaraj Tommy in Karnataka. The Congress is accusing the ruling party of getting 40 percent commission from the contractors who carry out the works on behalf of the government. Madal Virupak Shabba is the BJP MLA from Channagiri assembly constituency in Davanagere district. He also served as the Chairman of the Karnataka Government Soap and Detergent Corporation. It is in this company that the famous Mysore sandal soap is manufactured.

40 lakhs of Rs

His second son Prashant Madal, 45, is the Chief Accountant of the Bengaluru Water and Drainage Board. To award a contract to supply chemicals to a soap company headed by his father, he asked a contractor for a bribe of 81 lakh rupees and negotiated a ‘deal’. The contractor said that he would pay 40 lakh rupees in the first phase. According to this, the contractor who went to the office belonging to the MLA on Crescent Road, near Kumarakripa, Bengaluru yesterday evening, paid 40 lakhs and bought it.
Lokayukta police caught Prashanth red-handed and raided the entire office and seized bundles of 2,000 and 500 rupee notes worth 2.02 crore rupees. Later, Prashant was arrested.

‘Raid’ on houses

Meanwhile, more than 40 Lokayukta police, divided into five teams, visited Virupak Shabba’s house in Sanjay Nagar, Bengaluru; Another house in Sivananda Square; A house in the block. Panasankari House, where the Executive Director of Karnataka Government Soap and Detergent Company Mahesh resides, was raided. The search was conducted till yesterday afternoon. The people in the houses were shocked to see the police. They checked every nook and cranny without leaving a single part out. In this, unexpectedly, 6 crore 10 lakh 30 thousand rupees were found in the Sanjaynagar house of the MLA.
Also, there were kilos of gold jewelry and silver items. As these were all unaccounted for, the Lokayukta police confiscated them.
They filled seven bags with the money and took it away. The value of the jewel is calculated.

MLA, Otam

A total of Rs 8.13 crore was seized in the raid. This issue has created a sensation not only in Karnataka but also in the entire country. After that, Madal Virupak Shabba went into hiding. In this situation, ‘I have nothing to do with my son taking bribe. There is a conspiracy against my family. Madal Virupak Shabba yesterday sent a letter to the Chief Minister Bombay saying, ‘However, as there is an allegation against me, I am resigning from the post of president of soap and detergent company of the Karnataka government. As he has been included as the first accused in this case, the police are actively searching for him.

Five jailed

Karnataka Lokayukta Chief Justice BC Patil said in Bangalore yesterday: In this matter, the first accused is MLA, Madal Virupak Shabba; His son Prashant Madal was the second accused; Surendra, who works as an accountant in his office; Cousin Siddesh; Field Staff Albert Nicola; A case has been registered against six people namely Gangadhar. In this, apart from the MLA, five others were arrested and produced in the Lok Ayukta Special Court. They have been ordered to be remanded in judicial custody till March 16. The investigation and investigation are going on under the supervision of IG Ashok. As it is a very important case and maximum amount of money has been received, investigation will be conducted from all angles, he said.

She is for the opposition

As the tenure of the current BJP government ends on May 23, the parties are actively involved in the assembly election campaign. Union Home Minister Amit Shah campaigned in Karnataka yesterday. In this context, the fact that crores of bribe money has been found in the house of BJP MLA has brought disrepute to the ruling party. In order to use this to their advantage, Congress’s Siddaramaiah, Sivakumar; Opposition leaders, including Kumaraswamy of the secular Janata Dal, are blaming the BJP. They have also criticized the ’40 percent commission government, Karnataka as an ATM, a machine for looting’.

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