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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge melted hearts during their visit to the Children’s Hospice of East Anglia in Milton this afternoon

Prince William and Kate visited the East Anglia Children’s Hospice (EACH) headquarters in Milton today (23 June) as part of their whirlwind tour of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess met with families, staff and local school children during their visit, during which Kate was depicted in finger paintings. Upon arrival, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke to the children outside about the game, joking that they would “have to show William how it’s done”.

Both Prince William and Kate are huge supporters of children’s hospice, making this the fifth time the Duchess of Cambridge has visited each. The Duchess has also been the royal patron of Dharamsala for over ten years.

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During the visit the Duke and Duchess visited the hospice where they met many of the children they are currently caring for, they took part in some of the children’s activities, which included finger painting and some other games in the play area. He also met the families of the children.

After the couple took a tour inside the hospice, the Duke and Duchess were taken on a tour of the “sensory garden” where they were welcomed by staff members.

One of the royal family children I met was Chloe Bowes with a condition called Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria (BPP). It is a rare neurological disorder that affects the cerebral cortex (outer surface of the brain).

Despite these challenges, Chloe’s mother Nadia said: “Chloe is a very bright, cheerful, funny and friendly young girl who loves school, her friends and family. She also loves music, kids and animals. ! Our relationship with Dharamsala was established when she was very young and I am very grateful for that.”

The royal couple concluded their visit by having lunch on the lawns of Dharamsala, with a small reception where they thanked the volunteers and staff at each.

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