KCR | Election Commission: Lotus fight against KCR..Election Commission is a big shock for BJP..

In Telangana, TRS (Telangana Rastra Samithi) did not turn. Can’t wait for the car. This is the previous word. But now the situation changes. While the Rose Party is growing as an unstoppable force, it is facing stiff competition in the form of the BJP. The recent election results are proof of this. Due to this, it is clear that the BJP party is on the rise in Telangana. Some of the recent developments have also led to an increase in BJP’s strength. The BJP’s denunciations of the arrest of Bandi Sanjay in Karimnagar, the purchase of grain and the police’s stance on the recent rapes have revealed the charisma of the Lotus Party. BJP leaders have started campaigning that TRS’ work is over in the next assembly elections. As part of this, a few days ago, BJP launched an innovative political campaign in Telangana. TRS has launched a website called selavudora showing a countdown of hours, minutes and seconds saying that the days are near and there are only 529 days left. At that time, BJP suggested that everyone should register on this website (Selavudora.com).

“Saaludora selavudora Kalvakunta countdown” digital clock Live Display was installed near the gate of BJP headquarters in Nampally a few days ago. CM KCR’s photos are being displayed on this screen with the slogans ‘Salu Dora, Vaita Dora’. But recently the Central Election Commission (Election Commission) has given a big shock to the BJP.

The Election Commission has objected to the “Salu Dora – Vaita Dora” campaign undertaken by the BJP. Meanwhile, the BJP leaders approached the Election Commission seeking permission to campaign “Salu Dora – Vaita Dora”. The Election Commission, which looked into this, rejected the appeal made by the BJP. Moreover, the Central Election Commission ordered the BJP to stop its campaign against CM KCR. It said that they are refusing permission to print BJP posters with the CM’s figure. It said that there should not be any posters, photos and writings derogatory to the leaders of political parties.

Salu Modi..Sampku Modi..!

Salu Dora.. Now leave! Telangana BJP social media wing is conducting a special campaign drive against KCR from June 24. Countering this… a huge Flexi was seen in Tivoli Square of Secunderabad. Although there is no clarity as to who set up this flexi.. Salu Modi.. Sampaku Modi is written on it. There are slogans on it saying that Modi has put farmers with peasant laws, common people with taxes, traders and youth with Agnipath.

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