kendriya kaushal vikas mantri Rajeev Chandrasekhar in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: At present, 800 million people in the country use the Internet, but in the next three years, the figure will reach 120 million. Cases of cyber fraud are on the rise. Which is a matter of concern in the country. For this we have brought new strict laws on the issue of cyber security. In the next 5 years, cyber connection will go to 5 lakh villages. The statement was made by Union Minister of State for Skill Development Rajiv Chandrasekhar. This was stated by Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar who was present at Nirma University in Ahmedabad.

Union Minister of State for Skill Development Rajiv Chandrasekhar is visiting Ahmedabad. S.G. They visited Nirma University on the highway and opened an incubation center. At the same time, they had discussions with the startups of Nirma University. Addressing the students, he said that the youth in the state including Gujarat need to be aware of the issue of opportunities in the IT sector. Gujarat has high potential in the IT sector. We are celebrating the nectar festival of independence. From 75 years after independence to 65 years we have lost a lot.

Rajiv Gandhi used to say that out of 100 paise, only 15 paise reaches the people. 85 paise did not reach the people. This is what the then PMA said. In our time we had 3 options, get a government job, get a job in a company like Tata, Birla or study abroad. For 65 years we lived on the backfoot. Today India works on the frontfoot. Recorded in Tax Collection, Service Export, Goods Export.

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In terms of FDI, we are ahead of the US and China. The Sabarmati Riverfront is a symbol of a successful vision and plan. We are also recognized as a global leader in technology. More than 80 crore people are connected to the internet, the remaining 40 crore are being connected. When Modiji became PM in 2014, India was dependent on imports for electronics. Today we are exporting Made in India Apple Phone.

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Between 2020 and 22 all countries had to fight the Corona epidemic. What happened in the US and China, the US had to fight for the vaccine, China has seen a wave of Corina today. In the last two years we have shown the world what India can do. We rescued people from the corona, vaccinated everyone, helped other countries and we returned to the economy. Today we have reached a point where many countries want to reach. The opportunity in the world for start-ups has greatly increased.

Young people are getting many opportunities in the last 7 years. There is an attempt to create opportunities in domains like space, electronic, artificial intelligence, semiconductors. The financial situation of the country is in the hands of some groups, a question I also raised in Parliament, the situation has changed.

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