Kerala teacher FB post opens flood of complaints students accuse him of harassments and abuse pah– News18 Telugu

Kerala teacher FB post opens flood of complaints students accuse him of harassments and abuse pah– News18 Telugu

The incident that brought the members of the community to light came to light. The teacher who is supposed to educate the students properly and lead them in a good way has become their scapegoat. He would lie to the girls and commit atrocities against them. For some .. the age of those who do not understand the antics of the actual teacher. He treats even such people badly. When he retired .. his baguettes came to light.

Full details .. A brutal incident took place in Kerala. KV Sasikumar works as a teacher in a local girls’ school in Malappuram. He retired on March 31. He then posted on Facebook recalling his 38 years of service. Alumni of the same school responded. They posted that they had been sexually harassed several times. Mainly, Bina Pillai and Mini Zakir have leveled allegations against him. They accused themselves of repeatedly sexually harassing and harassing innocent girls. With this, the incident became a serious scandal.

A few more students also came forward and kicked the teacher’s bag. The police registered a case. The accused also served as a three-time councilor for Malappuram. The party has announced that it is suspending KV Sasikumar from the CPI (M) in the wake of the incident. A special committee was set up on this. Nearly 25 girls were specifically interrogated. Shocking things came out of their trial. Many said that KV Sasikumar, in the guise of a teacher, was abusing girls in class. Police have registered a case against the accused under the Pokso Act.

Inhumanity took place in (Rajasthan).

12 The girl stays with her mother and grandfather. Her father died 12 years ago. The girl’s mother is mentally handicapped. She does not speak properly to anyone. The girl’s grandfather became addicted to alcohol. He plays them. In this sequence .. grandfather .. along with two others were committing rape of a girl (Rapes girl) at home. The girl was abused for months. The girl was rushed to hospital after she fell ill at school recently.

Doctors who saw her said she was 5 months pregnant. The school staff lodged a complaint with the police. During the police investigation, the girl revealed shocking things. Her grandfather said that two others were raping her together. Grandfather .. friend Ramlal Bhil (50), Ajay Bairwa (20), who has been threatening for the last few months .. The girl is angry that he is committing atrocities. Police immediately registered a case under the Pokso Act and arrested them. The incident sparked outrage locally.

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