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Kevin Howell, Carmel Maine town manager, dies after falling on ice – NECN PiPa News

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Kevin Howell, Carmel Maine town manager, dies after falling on ice – NECN

A Maine town is mourning the loss of its town manager, who died after rescuing his 4-year-old son after the two fell through the ice on a local pond Friday morning.

Kevin Howell, 51, of Carmel, was crossing a section of Etna Pond with his son less than a mile from their home around 6:30 a.m. Friday when they broke through the ice. Howell pulled her son out of the water and told her to run and get her mother, the Maine Warden Service said.

The child quickly ran home and told her mother, who called 911 and rushed to help her husband. She took an anchor and a rope and tied the rope to the shore, but when she went to help her husband she also broke the ice and couldn’t get out.

Penobscot Sheriff Detective Jordan Norton responded to a 911 call, found Howell’s wife in the water and crawled onto the ice, holding the rope, He was able to pull her from the ice, but he could not find her husband.

Six Maine Warden Service divers and a state police diver were called to the scene. Two warden service divers began searching around 1:40 pm and found Howell about 20 minutes later.

Howell serves as the town manager of the town of Carmel, a town of about 2,800 residents located near Bangor in central Maine.

Dan Frye, chairman of the Carmel Board of Selectmen, told News Center Maine that he was not surprised to hear about the sacrifice Howell made to save his son.

“That’s who Kevin is. He loves his family, he loves his community, and he’s always going to work hard and do his best for people,” Frye said.

She said Howell had a special relationship with her son, and would often share news about him with co-workers.

“He would always take that minute before the meeting to show us the latest picture,” Frye said.

Melissa Doane, the town manager of neighboring Bradley, said Howell is “extremely dedicated,” adding that he takes pride in everything he does.

Howell received the 2020 leadership award from the Maine Town and City Management Association in 2020 for his work on behalf of his town. He was also a member of the Carmel Historical Society and a member of the Carmel Snowmobile Club.

Elizabeth Dubrowski, a local Spanish teacher, remembers Howell as a compassionate leader with patience.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, he is [would] say ‘Yeah, sit down, sit down, let’s talk about it,'” Dubrowski said.

Frye said the Carmel Board of Selectmen will meet Monday to discuss a plan for how to move forward with town leadership following Howell’s death.

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