Khurshid Shah proposes to double the price of cigarettes – Public News

Federal Minister for Water Resources Syed Khurshid Shah, while addressing a meeting of the National Assembly, proposed to double the price of cigarettes.

Speaking in the National Assembly sitting chaired by Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf, Khursheed Shah said that we have consulted in the cabinet, we have to protect our people from diseases, it is our duty to ensure the health of our people. He added that the Prime Minister and the Ministers should have been present today.

Federal Finance Minister Muftah Ismail while supporting Khursheed Shah said that Khursheed Shah’s statement is true, the Prime Minister of Pakistan is also against smoking, he has decided to collect Rs 200 billion by next year. National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf said that I think smoking is a big burden. Taxing cigarettes will benefit the country and the people will be happy.

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