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Assembly elections are going to be held at the end of this year. Preparations are being made for it. BJP-Congress and AAP have started working hard at the ground level. Considering the current situation in Gujarat, there are speculations that early elections will be organized. However, looking at the current situation, it is unlikely that early elections will be organized under any circumstances. According to the current information, there is no possibility of holding elections in the state before December. Now that the assembly elections are going to be held this year, we bring you the list of various constituencies. Under which today we are going to talk about Mangrole meeting.

Mangrole assembly seat

It is located in the important Mangarol taluka of Junagadh district of Gujarat state, which is also the headquarters of this taluka. Mangrol is an important port for fishing industry. Many fisheries are located here, which are exported to European countries. Along with this, Mangrol is seat number 89 out of 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. Under this meeting, the villages of Maliya-Hati Taluk and Mangrol Taluk are Arena, Dhelana, Husenabad, Jamwali, Juthal, Khodada, Kotda Juna, Kotda New, Lambora, Lathodra, Maktupur, Mangrol, Mankhetra, Sakrana, Sheikhpur, Shapur, Shepa, Sheriya Khan, Sheriya. , Virpur etc.

Chorwad village of Mangarol is also the birthplace of Dhirubhai Ambani, the head of the country’s richest business house.

Nawab Rasul Khan of Junagadh used to spend his summer vacations on the beach of Chorwad, for which he also built the Hawa Mahal there, which is now in a dilapidated condition.

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Voters at Mangrole assembly seat

This area rich in fisheries has approximately 2 lakh 6 thousand voters including both Maliya Hatina and Mangrol talukas. In which there are approximately 106368 male and 99690 female voters.

Gender Equations on Mangrole Legislative Assembly Seat

There are 11 constituencies in Gujarat where the Muslim population is more than 35%. Mangarol 89 sitting But there is one of them. Congress leader Babubhai Kalubhai Waja is the MLA from this seat. He defeated the BJP candidate in the 2017 assembly elections.

In Mangarol 89 seats, the population of Koli community is 40% and the population of Muslim community is 35%. This is the reason why this seat is dominated by Koli and Muslim community. SC and ST communities account for more than 9 percent of the total population here.

Political equations on Mangrole assembly seat

Assembly elections have been held on this seat since 1962, with caste and community-based candidates not winning an election till 2012. However, the politics of this seat changed after 2012 and caste-based candidates were given preference here. In the last election, BJP fielded Bhagwanji Karagathia from this seat, while Congress also fielded Babu Vaja. In both the 2014 by-elections and the 2017 elections, Babu Waja of the Congress won and the BJP faced defeat. Let it be known that in 2012, Rajesh Chudasama, who was elected from BJP on Mangrol seat, became an MP and the Mangrol assembly seat fell vacant. On which a by-election was held.

Babubhai Kalubhai Waja being a articulate speaker has been raising the issues of Mangrole in the Assembly. However, this time there is competition among other Congress leaders to get the ticket. It will be interesting to see whether the party trusts him in such a scenario.

On the other hand, if we talk about BJP, in 2017, Amit Shah himself campaigned for BJP candidate Bhagwanji Karagathia in this seat, but still he lost the election.

Win-lose equations on Mangrole assembly seat

year Name of the winning candidate party
2017 Waja Babubhai INC
2014 Waja Babubhai INC
2012 Kheda Tarachand Jagashi BJP
2007 Sandhani Dhanjibhai BJP
2002 Image Patel INC
1998 Suresh Chandra Mehta BJP
1995 Suresh Chandra Mehta BJP
1990 Suresh Chandra Mehta BJP
1985 Suresh Chandra Mehta BJP
1980 Sangvi Jayakumar INC
1975 Suresh Chandra Mehta BJS
1972 Noshir Dorabji INC
1967 L J Mehta INC
1962 Maharaj Kumarashree SWA

Problems of Mangrole assembly seat

Usually candidates make big promises while campaigning and seeking votes and promise to satisfy all the demands of the people and solve the problems but after winning the election the picture on the screen is different. Similarly, if we talk about the problem of the people of Mangrole, here it is the turn of the peasants to suffer the worst. Their problem is that the increasing salinity of the sea makes it difficult for them to farm. So there is a fear of losing their crops too. In such a case, the farmer demands water for irrigation from the government. Which has not been satisfied till date. Apart from this, crop insurance is not paid on time to the farmers and they also do not get affordable prices.

Apart from this, if we talk about it, wild animals are also being tortured in some villages due to which there is constant fear among the people. Complaints have been raised that this issue is not being resolved despite several representations. People complain that Mangrole has no sewage system till date, roads are bad and traffic jam problem is still there.

Financial status of Mangrole assembly seat

Fisheries and orchards are the main occupations in Mangrol. Fruits like coconut, papaya, almonds, grapes, bananas are produced here on a large scale. Mangrole has the largest fishery industry.

50% of the male population in Mangrole is dependent on catching fish from the sea and feeding them. Fish and fish products are exported from here to European countries.

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