Lake of Skeletons

Lake of Skeletons

V6 Velugu Posted on May 15, 2022

Some time ago .. some bones were found in a lake in the Himalayas. With that, research was done on them. Then some shocking things came to light. Aventante .. All those bones are human. Not one .. not two .. a few hundred people fell into that lake and died. Not only that .. even after they died it became a few hundred years old. How did the originals die? Where are they Why did people go to the snowy hills where there is not much traffic? Is still unknown.

ERoopkund Lake is located in a large valley in the Himalayan range of the state of Ttarakhand. Roopkund Lake is located in the Himalayas at an elevation of about 5,000 m above sea level under the ‘Trishul’ mountain. In 1942 a British officer went to the area. Then he was amazed to see so many skeletons under the snow here. Scientists have been researching the skeletons ever since. The lake is also known as the ‘Lake of Skeletons’, the Lake of Skeletons, due to its large number of skeletons. Anthropologists and scientists who have been researching the subject for years have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of their death.

Freezing …
The lake freezes most of the year. The water of the lake is found only during the months of May and June. The rest of the day is covered with snow. Only at this time are the skeletons of that lake visible. Due to the completely icy and cold weather, there are still traces of flesh on the bones found here. Scientists say about 700 to 800 skeletons have been found here. Many tourists go there every year to see them.

King … Queen
According to locals, a king and queen traveled to another kingdom with their entourage about a thousand years ago. However .. at the same time a blizzard came here and a big accident happened. They all died and their corpses were washed away and fell into the lake. However .. no one knew about the accident as they all died. However .. what kingdom are they from? No one could say where the information was going from here.

Indian Soldiers‌‌
Another article about the bones here is also in the publicity. In 1841 there was a war between the Dogra Tibetans in Jammu. Then Tibet .. China sought help. In the winter of 1841, Chinese and Tibetan forces defeated Dogra. The battle took place near the Taklakot area. With the death of General Zorawar Singh in this battle the Dogra forces retreated. Then some soldiers returning from the battlefield reached the area. At the same time some say that they all died by accident and that their skeletons were floating in the lake. But .. Scientists say that these bones are many years old.

Glory to Nandadevi
Nearby is a large iceberg called ‘Nandadevi’. The mountain is measured as a deity in this region. However .. Many people believe that something went wrong with the measurement of the deity, which caused a hail of stones to fall here. However .. many people were killed when large stones fell on them along with the rain. Many believe that their corpses did not reach the lake with the flood.

Angry ..
According to local legends, the king and queen who ruled the region behaved erratically. Torturers of all. Those who live a life of luxury. With that, the mountain goddess Nandadevi became angry. Immediately the king killed hundreds of servants, including the queen. Their corpses turned into skeletons in this lake.

Who once traded with other countries through this region. There was a big storm as some traders were passing by to buy goods. Traders trapped in the storm and all those working near them died. Others say that these are their bones.

No children
Research on the lake has been going on for decades. With that, new articles keep popping up. However .. Scientists have said some things related to this lake. Not all the dead belong to the same area. Because .. some of them are very tall and some are short. Those who are taller may not be from our country. Most of them are middle aged. Most are in their 30s and 40s. Another interesting thing is that none of them have children. Small children are also taken on the trip anywhere. So they did not go on the trip. Some of them were women. All the dead here are in perfect health.

During pilgrimages …

Some say that the bones of those who went on pilgrimages to the temples in the Himalayas were washed away and their bones were washed into the lake. Others say that something is wrong and that everyone will die. However, there is no evidence that pilgrimages took place in the area until the end of the 19th century. But archaeologists have found inscriptions in the ancient temples here dating from the 8th to the 10th century. I mean .. one guess is that pilgrimages would have taken place at that time. Those who came to these temples may have been dead. When it comes to pandemics, no evidence of malignant bacteria or viruses has been found so far.

According to CCMB ..
The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad has been researching the bones found in the lake for almost ten years. Finally CCMB scientists found some things. Those bones are from people in India, the Mediterranean, and Southeast Asia. Not only that .. they all did not die at once. If not most of them would have died between 800 and a thousand years ago. Some of them died a thousand years ago. Most of them died in two episodes.

::: Karunakar Manegalla

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