Land Registrations: Good news for those who want to do land registrations.. Telangana government’s key decision.. Pipa News

Land Registrations: Good news for those who want to do land registrations.. Telangana government’s key decision..

Good news for those whose land registrations have been pending for years. It is known that the Telangana Govt has taken a key decision regarding plots in layouts without permission. At present, first registration is not being done for plots in such layouts. As a result, registration of thousands of plots in gram panchayats on the outskirts of cities across the state along with Hyderabad has stopped. At present, most of those villages have been converted into municipalities or merged. It is known that the Telangana government led by CM KCR has decided to relax the rule in this context. If the said layouts are eligible to pay LRS.. Telangana government will allow registration of plots in those layouts. Recently, it is reported that the Telangana government wants to do the first registrations for those plots. It is heard in the government circles that orders with guidelines will be issued in a day or two. It is reported that the government will take this decision as part of the mobilization of additional revenue sources. With this, there is a possibility that the problem, which has been pending for years, will be checked within a few days.

The complications brought by Dharani..
The dharani brought by the revenue department in the name of land reforms in Telangana has brought new complications for the land owners. They are haunted by many problems such as incorrect recording of survey numbers, inclusion of one’s land in the survey numbers of another, fluctuations in areas, mistakes in pass books. The victims who are fed up with the lack of opportunities to correct them in the portals, going around the authorities but not getting a solution, etc., are worried. Some of the victims are trying to commit suicide in the presence of the authorities while protesting. As a result, the authorities have to make strong arrangements for the public hearing held every Monday in the district collectorates. The staff is worried about what kind of agitation will come from where and what kind of violence will be committed. On Monday, victims tried to pour petrol in three districts. In the past, incidents of this nature have also taken place in the joint districts of Warangal, Mahbubnagar, Karimnagar and Rangareddy. During the clearance of land records conducted by the Revenue Department during 2017-18, the staff arbitrarily changed ownership rights. When the Dharani portal was launched with the same information, many irregularities were revealed at once. As there is no clarity in the ownership rights of nearly 11 lakh acres of land in the state.

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