Lawrence Bishnoi gang involved in rocket attack on Indian Punjab police

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On 9 May, the Lawrence Bishnoi gang was implicated behind a rocket attack on the intelligence headquarters of the Indian Punjab Police in Mohali.

In a development in the investigation into the terrorist attack on a Punjab police building in May, police have identified two people related to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is behind the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, according to Indian media reports. The alleged mastermind, the police nabbed the attackers with the help of CCTV footage of the area.

Sources said that Lawrence, a Bishnoi gang convict, is the main accused in the RPG attack case.

Deepak of the Bishnoi gang along with one of his accomplices attacked the police headquarters with an RPG.

A CCTV image from just before the attack shows gangster Deepak and his accomplice in the area, Deepak is seen talking on the phone while a young man wearing a black face mask walks alongside him. .

CCTV footage shows the two walking down the road towards a park, then throwing a grenade at the police headquarters and fleeing the scene.


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