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Legendary Argentine football coach Cesar Luis Menotti has died

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Argentina’s legendary football coach Cesar Luis Menotti died after a long illness.

According to Argentine media, Luis Menotti had been ill for the past few months and died on Sunday in Buenos Aires.

Menotti, 85, is a legendary Argentine football coach, the head coach of the Argentine team that won the Football World Cup on home ground in 1978.

He also won trophies with Spanish club Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​and coached Argentina’s under-20 team that won the Youth World Cup.

Menotti is a big fan of Pakistan Hockey Team and he made the strategy to win the World Cup inspired by Pakistan Hockey Team.

In 1978, when the Pakistan hockey team was in Argentina, Menotti went to meet the Pakistan hockey team, on this occasion he met the coach of the Pakistan hockey team, Waheed Khan, who gave him some tips including double attack.

Menotti also stated in an interview that he wanted to play for the Argentina football team like the Pakistan hockey team and that’s why they won the World Cup.

Menotti later thanked Abdul Waheed Khan in a telegram in Karachi and admitted that Pakistan Hockey’s strategy helped them win the World Cup.

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