Lessons up to fifth class on a single blackboard in a classroom in Bihar

Lessons up to fifth class on a single blackboard in a classroom in Bihar

The school is understandable given the sincerity of the Bihar government towards the education system. The primary school in the Manihari block of Kathihar district is in a dilapidated condition. The school has only one classroom. Classes are conducted from the first class to the fifth class. Another strange problem is that at least there is no second blackboard in the classroom. Primary education is at a level that children cannot properly understand. This video shows how disturbing it can be for students if two teachers are teaching lessons in two languages ​​at the same time. Netizens have been criticizing the Bihar government for watching a video of such schools appearing or going viral to the government, which is allocating crores of rupees to the education sector.

A single classroom in a school.
This single classroom school in Bihar has recently come to light as a social media virtue. Governments that say they will implement Bapuji’s words that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens have been criticized for at least teaching lessons without blackboards in classrooms and classrooms in schools. The plight of the primary school from Kathihar district in Bihar is a disgrace to the education system itself. Two teachers are standing on the opposite side of the black board and one is reciting Hindi and the other is reading Urdu lessons.

Lessons for two classes on the same board.

However, this is not a new thread. It seems that the lessons have been told in the same way for the last five years. The Urdu Primary School in Manihari Block was shifted to Vishwanath Chaudhary Adarsh ​​Middle School Azampur Gola in 2017. The classroom problem has persisted ever since. Neelam Kumari, a teacher at Vishwanath Chaudhary Adarsh ​​Middle School in Azampur Gola, said they already had a shortage of rooms and were given only one room from class 1 to 5 after administrative orders. That is why it has been advocated that we have been conducting classes from class one to class five in the same room ever since.

When this system changes ..
Manihari Prafulit Minj, headmaster of an Urdu primary school, said he did not want to put pressure on students by singing bilingual songs at the same time. The three teachers at the school said it was inevitable that there would be a single classroom. District education officials maintained that they were now aware of lessons being taught on the same blackboard in the same room in grades one through 5 in an elementary school. The issue will be brought to the notice of the superiors and will be resolved immediately.

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