Listen to your peers’ problems, help them, encourage people if they need your encouragement PiPa News

Listen to your peers’ problems, help them, encourage people if they need your encouragement

Listen to your peers’ problems, help them, encourage people to …

Author: Dr. David Joseph Shevards

Episode: 68

Give good news to the people who work with you, encourage them, pay tribute to them at every good opportunity. Let your colleagues know what good schemes the department where you work makes for you. Listen to your peers’ problems and help your thighs. If people need your encouragement, encourage them. This will increase your self esteem. Keep your colleagues hopeful, do not mention their sorrows at all but drive them away from you. Doing all this will make you feel good and make it a part of your life.

I have a salesman friend who always brings good news to his friends and customers. For example, he says, “Brother, I met your friend last week and he greeted you.” He was praising you for being so good. This kind of news also has a good effect on his business.

“Greetings are a good thing, but the word is very powerful. Good news brings good results. “

I went to see the owner of a big firm, he is a very good friend of mine. Sitting in front of him, I said, “I have no one else to tell me the good news. Saying such a thing also increases the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the people.” My friend smiled and said you reminded me of a very good thing and then he left saying good things. Good news makes you and other people happy.

Make your behavior more important:

There is no denying the fact that importance has its own glory. Every human being, whether he lives in a country, whether he is intelligent or dull-minded, civilized or uncivilized, young or old, wants to feel that importance. It’s a natural desire that everyone wants.

Successful commercial makers know that people want their importance. He says in his commercial, if you want to look different and smart from others and women want your admiration then buy this product made by us then you will be one of the important people.

A sense of importance will lead you to success. This is the key to your success. Every action of yours shows your attitude. When we feel that we are very important, we get very good results, but there is no cost to feel that way.

Here we tell you why it is important to feel important.

In terms of philosophy, our religions, our laws, our cultures are all based on the belief that each individual is very important. (Continued)

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