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Little Girl Mistakes Old Lady For Her Grandmother On Flight, This Is What Happened Next PiPa News

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Little Girl Mistakes Old Lady For Her Grandmother On Flight, This Is What Happened Next

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 12:50 IST

The baby girl was sleeping peacefully on the woman’s lap. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The little girl mistakes the old woman for her grandmother because of their uncanny resemblance.

Many acts of kindness and compassion shared on various social networking sites have quickly caught the attention of users. Aside from unusual clips and posts, simple powerful stories can go their way and strike the right chords. One such account that recently captured hearts involved a fascinating encounter on a flight back to Canada from Amsterdam. The story, shared by a mother named Nicola, highlights the kindness of a stranger that transcends many boundaries.

Nicola’s young daughter, tired from their long journey from Rwanda, realized that an Italian woman sitting next to them was her own grandmother because of the striking resemblance, the post suggested. Without hesitation, the old lady embraced the role of a ‘nonna’. He allowed the little girl to cuddle on his lap. The kind woman even held the little girl’s hand throughout the flight to comfort her.

The moment was shared on the Good News Movement’s Instagram page, where Nicola expressed her gratitude: “My daughter probably thought the woman sitting next to her was her grandmother because her Abuela at home looked so similar.” He added a hearty “Grazie from all of us!” People absolutely love the adorable moment between the little girl and the old lady. One user wrote, “A grandmother who touched.” Another said, “I would fly anywhere in the world to hug a wannabe grandchild.”

Check out the post here:

This simple yet pure act of kindness serves as a gentle reminder of the universal language of love, companionship and care. However, it was not a heart-warming event. Recently, a child’s first flight was made extra special when a lady on board crocheted an easy beanie for him. Five-month-old Romey was riding with his parents when Meegan caught him crocheting next to them.

Meegan notices the little boy’s interest in his work and secretly makes a beanie for him. When the flight landed, Meegan gave this beanie to Romey’s parents who were delighted with it. The baby’s parents posted about Meegan’s sweet gesture on TikTok, but it soon went viral on social media. The Good News Movement posted about this incident and it got one lakh likes.

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