Look how this lioness chased the man Old video viral again Pipa News

Look how this lioness chased the man Old video viral again

Usually we get scared when we hear the roar of these wild animals like tiger, lion and leopard and see them hunting other animals for their food in the video. Especially in some videos (Video) watching these wild animals being hunted is equally scary and one remains curious till the last moment to see what will happen. We have seen many incidents in social media where these tigers and lions sometimes come out of the forest and attack cattle and other animals and also attack people.

What happens if we are so afraid of wild animals if we are chased by a wild animal? One’s heart beats with fear. Here is an old video which has gone viral on social media again. Seeing it will definitely scare you.

A lioness chasing a young man
In this video, there is a party Nadita, in which a lioness chases a man who is near the party. The man realizes that a lioness is following him and rushing towards him, so he quickly climbs a nearby tree. Then the lioness followed the man as if she was no less, and climbed the tree that the man had climbed. In this video, we can see the man climbing the tree trying to kick the lioness climbing the tree with his leg and drive away.

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Then at the end of the video the lioness falls down from the tree and that’s the end of the video. Many netizens are curious to know what might happen next.

After watching such a horrifying video, anyone will undoubtedly get shivers. There are similar scenes in an old video which has gone viral recently. The clip begins with a lioness coming out of the forest. After this we are later seen entering a beautifully decorated party at an unknown location.

An old video is going viral
The video ends abruptly, with many users expressing concern for the man’s fate. This video has about 2,53,022 likes. Many Instagram users who commented on the post expressed their concern and inquired about the person’s safety.

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Social media users who saw the video commented ‘Aww.. what a scary video this is’. The video was shared on July 5 on a social media account page named ‘Lions Habitat’.

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