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Lyrics… (with audio…)

Chapter 11, verse 20
Dyavaprithivyoridamantaram hi
विश्वाम त्वायकेना dishashcha sarva: |
Drishtavadbhutam Roopamugram Tavendam
Lokatrayam Pravyathitam Mahatman ||

Meaning: You alone pervade the whole sky, all the worlds and all the space between them. O greatness! The whole world is troubled because of this form of wonder and fear.

Bhashya: Here “dwah, apridhvim:” means the sky between earth and heaven. Also, these two words “Lokatriya” means three worlds, which convey very important things. It is understood that not only Arjuna but also the inhabitants of other worlds have seen Visvarupa. That is, Arjuna’s vision of the universe was not a dream. In this way all those to whom the Lord gave divine vision could see the universal form.

….from ‘Bhagavad Gita Yathatatham’ by Paramapujyashri Shrimat AC Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada courtesy of ISKCON Hyderabad  ….

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