Mahatma Gandhi: Shame on Mahatma Gandhi by making a six-pack statue, public outrage Pipa News

Mahatma Gandhi: Shame on Mahatma Gandhi by making a six-pack statue, public outrage

Hassan: In Hassan, which is known as the birthplace of sculpture, there has been an allegation of insulting the statue of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Hassan district is famous for many world famous temples including Belur, Halebidu. The sculptures here are telling the history of the country for thousands of years. Thousands of tourists visit here daily. But the fact that Mahatma Gandhi’s statue has been constructed in a distorted manner in the district which is known for such sculptures has caused public outrage.

In the wake of the 74th Republic Day, the construction of the building has already come to a full completion due to the public’s insistence that Gandhi Bhavan should be constructed in Hassan. A statue of Gandhi has also been erected in the premises of Gandhi Bhavan. This statue, which was supposed to be inaugurated on January 26, has been distorted by artists.

Poor design

The construction of the statue of President Mahatma Gandhi in front of Gandhi Bhavan started last year. It was supposed to be inaugurated on the 74th Republic Day. But due to the mistake of the contractor and the artist, the original form of the Gandhi statue has changed. Social activists have expressed their displeasure that it is poorly designed and created without quality.

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Six pack figure

Public allegation is that the Gandhi statue in the premises of Gandhi Bhawan, which was prepared for inauguration in Hassan, was constructed in the model of a six-pack. Dandi March artwork and Mahatma Gandhi statues are defaced. The body and head parts of the idol are made without palm. Ananubhai artists have insulted Gandhiji by making an attic statue. The public has demanded that this be rectified immediately.

Black spot for Hassan district

If you see the statue of Gandhi, you should remember the personality of Mahatma, his movement and struggles. But if you look at this statue, you don’t get that feeling. The statue is very badly constructed. It is wrong for the artists to leave the original format and produce it. Some artists are of the opinion that this statue will become a black mark for Hassan district, which is known for its sculptures.

Postponement of inauguration

Social activists and members of the public had demanded the postponement of the inauguration of Gandhi Bhavan as the statue of Gandhi was defaced. Three crores have already been spent on Gandhi’s statue and Gandhi Bhavan. In this case, the idea of ​​the statue being defaced went viral on social media and caused outrage, so the inauguration was temporarily postponed.

Mahatma Gandhi statue

It was supposed to be inaugurated on Thursday

The Department of Information and Public Relations had initiated the construction of Gandhi Bhawan in many district centers including Hassan. If everything goes well, the Gandhi Bhavan and the Gandhi statue built at a cost of three crore rupees should have been inaugurated on Thursday. Now it is learned that the show has been cancelled.


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