Major traffic disruption en route to Wexford Bridge and a three-week road construction contract as the mine opens next Monday

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Expect traffic delays for the next three weeks—the same advice is given to motorists—with road works starting next Monday (27 June) at the junction of Monk Street, Commercial Quay and Wexford Bridge, an important artery to the city. There is a big disturbance.

Oxford County Council has put up advance warning signs and has contacted secondary schools, businesses, local residents and emergency services to advise them of the impact of blockades and restrictions.

The three-week contract, lasting until 15 July, is part of the €750,000 Monk Street Enhancement Plan and will include bus set-down, additional road safety features and construction of power lines and broadband ducting. The work will start at 6 am every day and end at 4 pm each day to avoid the rush hour traffic.

According to senior executive engineer Sean Meyler, a temporary traffic management system will be in place Monday through Friday with personnel controlling the flow of traffic and they have orders to “take action if things start to get out of hand”.

The engineer stated that there would be a reduction in queue capacity for southbound traffic coming from Redmond Square and an optional loss of the right hand filter lane when traveling from Wexford Bridge (from the Crescent direction) and the left hand filter lane to Wexford Bridge. . Redmond Square Direction.

The phasing out will result in reduced capacity at Wexford Bridge Junction for the duration of the work and to avoid long delays, businesses are advised to arrange for 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. deliveries where possible .

Stop/Go system operators will be on site to complement the traffic light system to reduce delays and when possible, temporary traffic management will be closed at the end of each working day.

Mr Meyler said the work has been delayed to facilitate students sitting in the Leaving Certificate and is ready to start now that most of the exams are over.

“We have been in touch with all secondary schools in the city and have established that many students are taking exams on June 27 and 28. The schools have agreed to forward our notices of possible traffic disruptions directly to these students so that they can take an alternate route, or allow additional travel time to their examination centers as a precautionary measure.”

He said the council is in direct communication with affected businesses in the immediate vicinity and will work with them to address their needs.

The work will be carried out in three phases – from Collyard Junction along Monk Street to Redmond Car Park and Redmond Square; From the old Dublin Providers Building to Crown Live, and from Crown Live back towards Monk Street Junction.

There will be various limits on right and left hand turning in both the directions during the work, which is expected to be completed within the stipulated three weeks.

Mr Meyler told a local authority meeting on Wednesday that the project was “carefully thought out” and the work was being phased out “carefully planned” to minimize traffic disruptions.

Cler George Lawler welcomed the fact that large numbers of “flag men” would be working to control traffic and urged the council to “monitor, monitor, monitor” as issues arise. are, and any necessary measures should be implemented as soon as possible. As for “huge amount of traffic in that artery”.

“Traffic may flow better with flagman than with traffic lights”, he suggested.

Clerk John Hegarty said he appreciated that there was no right time of year for such road works and acknowledged that the council had planned the contract thoroughly.

“However, it is going to cause problems and it is important that the flag bearers are on top of this and are proactive.

“It is very important that the work ends at 4 pm. After that time, all the effects would be from the city side and it would be massive and potentially jam the whole city. It is important that this is monitored.”

Clerk David Hines predicted that “Facebook would be full of it”.

“We’re in the middle of the busiest season of the year and that’s going to have a big impact. Traffic control has to be on hand at all times. I avoid the Quay during the day anyway. I won’t help it if I can.” If I can, I will not go to the ghat”, he said.

Clerk Maura Bell asked about plans for a barricade in front of stores in Slaney Place, saying business owners were concerned about the impact on deliveries.

Mayor of Wexford Gary Laffan said the council received €750,000 for the Monk Street pedestrian scheme and that the work would involve a certain amount of pain.

“If there is a problem, the traffic management people will be able to take steps to solve it – it will be a judgment call for the manager to know if traffic is starting to build up and take action”, said Mr. Mylar.

“We will be monitoring the performance of the contract through a full-time engineer on site. Whatever measures need to be taken, will be taken.”

Responding to Clerk Bell, he stated that work included moving the existing road outside Crown Live to Monk Street Junction about 60 mm away from the existing road leading to Monk Street Junction, to make room for the bus down and loading bays, with the set back room. There will be one step involved. Pavement with safety rails to prevent someone from falling.

Phase two will include the diversion of overhead power cables and a broadband line with a duct from the coal yard to the former Dublin Providers site.

With regard to railings in front of commercial buildings, he said he would have to clarify whether a gap is to be left for businesses. “I think they’ll have to walk around the railing to reach the campus, but it won’t be a long distance.”

“It will be paramount to finish at 4 pm. If there is a case where something is incomplete at 4 pm and has to be done that day, the contractor will have to come back after hours of traffic”, he said.

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