Man Cremated In Covid Returned Home Alive After Two Years; Corona lost her husband, living as a widow; After two years he came back alive and… Pipa News


Man Cremated In Covid Returned Home Alive After Two Years; Corona lost her husband, living as a widow; After two years he came back alive and…

edge:A person who died of corona two years ago suddenly came back to life. Everyone in Karonda Kala village of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh was shocked when they learned that the person they thought was dead was alive. People of Karonda Kala village in Badnawar tehsil, 80 km from Indore, believed that Rekha’s husband Kamlesh Patidar had died of corona in Vadodara, Gujarat. His family was told that he died of Corona in February 2021. Not only this, but they also cremated the dead body covered in PPE kit. Rekha Patidar, who has been mourning the death of her husband for two years, on Saturday applied kunkum on her forehead with trembling fingers as soon as she was informed that her husband was alive. Kamlesh Patidar reached his maternal uncle’s house in the early hours of Saturday at Badveli village near Sardarpur, just 35 kilometers from Karond Kala village. No one could believe their eyes. Kamlesh’s father Gendalal Patidar told The Times that my brother-in-law Rameshwar repeatedly told me that he saw Kamlesh, but I couldn’t believe it. After that I told him to video call, we were shocked to see Kamlesh when he did video call, I screamed loudly. On the other hand, seeing Kamlesh, his wife Rekha Patidar was shocked and burst into tears. Kamlesh’s father also became emotional.

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Kamlesh reached uncle’s house early in the morning

Early Saturday morning, Kamlesh went to his maternal uncle’s house. Mama Gendalal could not believe seeing Kamlesh at the door. They thought it was sleeping. But, when Kamlesh spoke to him, he was convinced, he told The Times.

Kamlesh’s wife Rekha Patidar told Times that I have been living as a widow since February 2021. All the rituals that are performed after the death of a family member, we performed for Kamlesh. Even after two years, some relatives were coming home to mourn. My father-in-law was the most traumatized by the news of Kamlesh’s death. Today I see him happy for the first time in two years. We are all very happy.

After that, the family informed Sardar police station. After this, information was given to the Kanwan police station in Vadodara, where Kamlesh’s death was registered. Dhar ASP Devendra Patidar said that he has been told that Kamlesh has returned home. He also said that the family will have to complete the legal process to cancel Kamlesh’s death certificate.

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How did this mess happen?

A relative of Kamlesh said that Kamlesh was infected with Corona. He was taken to Vadodara as there were no beds available in any nearby hospital. Doctors declared him dead there. His relatives were shown the body in a PPE kit. He believed Nabi but he was cremated in Vadodara following the doctor’s single and covid protocols.

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The gang held hostages

Kamlesh told the family that he was being held hostage by a gang. Kamlesh said that after recovering from Covid, he was held hostage by some people in Ahmedabad. They injected him with a narcotic drug and he was rendered unconscious. On Friday, the accused stopped at a roadside hotel while driving somewhere in a car. As soon as he got the chance, Kamlesh got down and boarded the Ahmedabad-Indore passenger bus. After reaching Wad Sardarpur late at night, he reached Badveli village with the help of some people. The ASP said the police would investigate the complaint that a gang had taken him hostage.