man did not bath for 22 years due to the foul smell from body he was fired from the job

Man has not bathed for 22 years: You may have heard the tradition of sacrificing everything for your grueling wait during the Mahabharata and Ramayana period. When people for one reason or another took a practice which created trouble for themselves. But one thing was certain that the life will go but the pledge will not. On the same lines, an old man has spent more than two decades (Hurt by land dispute and killing of animals left the bath) with strange waiting, but till date he has not broken his promise.

Dharamdev, a resident of Gopalganj in Bihar, did not let a drop of water fall on his body for 22 years. The situation was that he had to lose his job because of bad body odor, but he did not go back on his promise. There are three great reasons behind this vow, that they will not break their promise before it is fulfilled, even if the one who breaks it breaks himself. Dharmadeva vows that they will not bathe until the atrocities on women, land disputes and killing of animals stop from the country, no matter what happens.

Villagers began calling Pratigya a mental illness
Dharmadev’s wife died in the year 2003, during which there is a tradition of bathing in religion and rituals, but despite many sayings, he did not bathe, after the death of two sons collapsed, he did not bathe and did not break his oath to them. Due to which various things started happening in the village. Villagers are now ascribing mental illness and occultism to the strange insistence of having such a strong vow. But Dharmadev does not care. Determined Dharmadev is a devotee of Lord Rama. And like them they are determined to keep their promise till their death.

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Lost job, did not take bath even after death of wife and sons
Dharamdev worked in a jute factory in Kolkata. But he lost his job because of his promise not to bathe. But that didn’t matter to him. The body also stinks and people ask him to take a bath, but he is not at all ready to take a bath.

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Amidst all this, the 62-year-old, who has bathed for decades, never gets sick. Let us tell you that similarly, Amo Haji of Iran also did not take a bath for the last 67 years. This person is a resident of Iran, aged 87 years. He has not even poured water on his body in all these years. That is why he is also called the dirtiest person in the world.

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