Manashjyoti Das from Namrup,Assam secured 881 rank in UPSC – News18 assam Pipa News

Manashjyoti Das from Namrup,Assam secured 881 rank in UPSC – News18 assam

Manasjyoti Das, who is known as the medium, is a hindrance to success. Manasjyoti Das, a well-known resident of Assam and North-Pullai, has secured 881 seats in the UPSC exam results announced on Tuesday.

The success of this all-India round of Mukund Das and Rita Das, a resident of Hapjan in Dibrugarh district, has been fueled by the success of the Assamese. Manasjyoti Das started formal education in Assamese Medium Charkari Vidyalaya after Sukheremia Majlia Vidyalaya under the current Assistant Commissioner of Lakhimpur District.

After this year he completed higher secondary and higher secondary level from Assamese medium BVFCL higher secondary school and in 2016 he got mechanical engineering degree from Jorhat Expeditionary University. Buli Manse points out that this achievement is achieved through study, perseverance, practice and patience.

He also thanked his parents, friends and colleagues for this success. He also mentioned about the preparation that in the 2017 semester, daily readings were continued as per the UPSC syllabus. It is to be noted that in the year 2022, Manasjyoti Das was able to get 67 seats in Assam Lok Seva Aayog civil services. Behind these results, however, is the creation of a festive environment in which the name resides.

Father Mukund Das, an employee of the famous charcoal factory, was very happy with the success of his son. Bully commented. It is important to point out that the patriarchal media is an obstacle to success.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : May 24, 2023, 13:07 IST

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