Man̄cukōṇḍallō man’yaṁ biḍḍa– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Man̄cukōṇḍallō man’yaṁ biḍḍa– News18 Telugu

Dasari Kranthi Kumar, News18.

Born and brought up in a poor family, the student moved ahead with determination… She is showing extraordinary talent in games and songs while achieving better results in academics.

Speaking to News18 exclusively from Himachal Pradesh, Nageshwari shared many interesting things. Nageshwari, the daughter of Mosali Rambabu and Adi Lakshmi, who hails from Dummu Gudem village, the center of the mandal, is passionate about education. In the same order, Nageshwari also showed great talent in games and songs and won the schemes. As a part of his education, he is studying the final year of Integrated Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MCC) at Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda. Nageshwari, who has great talent in sports as well as studies, is getting recognition through the National Service Scheme.

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Mulugu District

NSS Adventure Camp Selections were held in Mahatma Gandhi University last two months to recognize the talent of students like Merika. Only one student, Mosali Nageshwari, was selected from the girls section for the national level adventure camp in this university. Nageshwari was selected for an 18-day mountaineering adventure training on the Beas River in Kulumanali, Himachal Pradesh. Nageshwari Mahatma Gandhi who went to Kuluma Nali in Himachal Pradesh two weeks ago from Nalgonda. She is the only student who has gone to the area from university and is undergoing rigorous training in every cool environment.

Atal Bihar Vajpayee Institution Mount “Neering Allied Sports” National Adventure Training Camp in Kulumanali, where she learned about the history of mountaineers and visited the related museum. Later, she participated in Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Rappelling, Trekking, along with program officer Swami, who went from Mahatma Gandhi University, to NSS in Kulumanali. Under the supervision of Program Officer Y. Prashanthi Reddy, she is undergoing rigorous training.

Adventure training is being undertaken on the Himagirs while climbing in the vicinity of the Beas river. Nageshwari, who progressed from school education with state level recognition, became known as Saraswati of education and became known as a women’s champion by showing talent in basketball, running race, shot put, khokho and throwball sports.

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