Marxist who has adopted a new strategy to take power in Tripura..! Pipa News


Marxist who has adopted a new strategy to take power in Tripura..!

BJP’s National Democratic Alliance is ruling Nagaland and Meghalaya. BJP is ruling Tripura with a single majority. BJP’s Manik Saga is the chief minister there. As the terms of the legislative assemblies of these three states are coming to an end, the Election Commission has issued notification for the assembly elections. Accordingly, polling will be held in Tripura on February 16. The counting of votes will take place on March 2 and the results will be announced.

In the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP came to power for the first time after defeating the 25-year-old Marxist-Communist regime. In this case, Chief Minister Manik Saga has started election campaigning to win this election as well and retain the government.

In this case, the Marxist Communist Party has taken the old pension scheme as a guess to defeat the ruling BJP. Tripura has 1.04 lakh government employees and 80,000 government pensioners. Considering this, the opposition party Marxist has promised to implement the old pension scheme in the state if they win the elections.

The election promise of the old pension scheme has recently been revived in several states. In the recent Himachal Pradesh elections, the Congress party had promised to re-implement the old pension scheme if it came to power. This promise is believed to have played an important role in the party’s electoral success. In this case, within a month of coming to power, the Congress government ordered the re-implementation of the old pension scheme in Himachal. Now the Left has adopted the same strategy in Tripura.

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At present the old pension schemes are in force in the states of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Himachal ruled by the Congress. The old pension scheme is in force in 4 states including Aam Aadmi-ruled Punjab. The BJP-allied Eknath Shinde government is also considering bringing back the old pension scheme in Maharashtra.

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