Mental Health: The mental health of employees is also important; This organization is giving mental health leave Pipa News

Mental Health: The mental health of employees is also important; This organization is giving mental health leave

Currently Dussehra, Diwali and other festivals are coming. But many people are not able to take a vacation during the festive season. For festivals, there is a lot of shopping for clothes, festival accessories, home decoration etc. Also at home there is a lot of work like festival, worship etc. But you don’t have to get time for all this. In many companies, you don’t get leave due to the festival. Since there are many business transactions during that time, the company refuses to give leave to its employees. But here a company has given mental health leave for 11 days for its employees to refresh themselves.

Meesho, an e-commerce company, has given 11 days of mental health leave to reset and recharge its employees. This is not the first time that this company is offering mental health leave. Meesho had given leave like this last year as well.

Why this mental health holiday?

An announcement posted on the Meesho website says it allows them to completely unplug from work and prioritize their mental well-being after the festive sales season.

Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Human Resource Officer, Meesho, said, “With reset and recharge, you get relief from busy work for a few days. Going beyond the traditional norms, we gave leave to the employees. Employees can use this leave however they want. They can utilize the vacation as they wish. One can spend time with near and dear ones, go on a trip or pick up a new hobby and do anything.”

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Many benefits for employees!

Meesho e-commerce company has taken a lot of steps to retain its existing employees and attract new talent. In line with this, Meesho announced an unlimited leave policy in June. The company is offering 365 days of paid leave to its employees. The company said the policy applies when an employee or their loved one suffers from a serious illness that requires frequent hospitalization.

Employees are entitled to full pay during the period of leave for self-illness. Also his family members sh. Meesho said that 25 percent will be eligible for 3 months. Also, such reset and recharge is necessary to get rid of tension and anxiety in workplaces. Meesho said that other companies should also take care of their employees.

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As a whole, employees are able to work with peace of mind due to such benefits provided by a company. It is commendable that this company has paid attention to the mental health of its employees and given them leave. This will help in the development of the company. So mental health leave is good for the company as well as the employees.

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