Met Office Forecast: Cambridgeshire is set for a cloudy and wet week after a sunny weekend

Met Office Forecast: Cambridgeshire is set for a cloudy and wet week after a sunny weekend

Despite the warmth we were all praying for in the past, it is finally coming, it will unfortunately not end. According to the latest forecasts, the sunshine from weekend to next week will not be as wall-to-wall as many of us were expecting.

That said, there will be plenty of sunny weather to enjoy especially today, Saturday, May 14. The Met Office is predicting ‘a nice, dry and warm day’ with ‘very sunny’ the first day of the weekend in Cambridge. ,

The Meteorological Department says that there is a possibility of cloudy sky from Sunday, March 15. So make the most of the warm weather while it’s about to happen.

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Later in May a period of drought can also be observed, as the rains eventually shift to drier and more settled conditions. The temperature will continue to rise as we enter June.

East England Weather Forecast

Forecast summary for the next five days

According to the Meteorological Department, as the day progresses, the weather will be moderately warm and will turn from dry to wet. On Saturday, the Met Office summary says: “No early haze or low cloud cover to leave Saturday a nice, dry and warm day with plenty of sunshine and light winds. Maximum temperature 23 °C.”

From Sunday to Tuesday, the summary continues: “Sunday will be cloudy with occasional showers during the day. Monday and Tuesday will be partly cloudy, particularly off the coast, with some risk of rain. With.”

Tuesday, May 17 to Thursday, May 26

The further weather forecasts look ahead, the more general they tend to be. That’s because the Met Office won’t be very specific about when conditions could change.

But it does provide a UK-wide forecast. UK for 17 May to 26 May says: “A variable start to the period; cloudy weather with an outbreak of locally heavy rain in the west and south-west, but mostly dry weather and sunny weather north and east It is very likely to move into further east and west & north coasts.

“In the middle of the week, there is a possibility of cloudy sky and rain in the west and north-west, with a chance of heavy and thundershowers at times. Prolonged dry weather expected over south and south-east However, these areas are also likely to see an outbreak of rain and similar showers.

“More volatile weather could become widespread over the weekend and into early next week. Widespread to hot or very hot, perhaps warm in the south and southeast over an earlier period.”

Friday, May 27 to Friday, June 10

The Met Office UK’s weather forecast predicts a shift towards dry conditions as of May 13, as well as advancing into June. and thunder.

“The weather is likely to change from May to June, with a shift towards more settled, drier conditions. Rain is still likely at some places, but a dry end of the period for most. We Temperatures can be expected to remain warm or very hot, but are likely to return to normal through June.”

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