Minimum Government, Maximum Governance means keeping the country in a state of constant polarization: Sonia Gandhi PiPa News

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance means keeping the country in a state of constant polarization: Sonia Gandhi

He stressed on taking “extraordinary decisions” for major reforms in the party at the launch of the three-day ‘Navsankalp Chintin Shivir’ organized in Udaipur city of Rajasthan and called upon the party leaders to take “extraordinary decisions” towards the party through “huge collective efforts”. Let me breathe new life, because now the time has come to pay off the debt of the party.

After his address, the Congress’s Chintan Shivir started. He said that it (Chintan Shivir) is both a reflection about national issues and a meaningful introspection about our party organisation.

Sonia Gandhi said, ‘Chintin Shivir gives us an opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the country, which are the result of the policies of BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).’

He said that in this camp there will be ‘bold contemplation’ on national issues and organization and meaningful introspection about the party and organization.

Targeting the Prime Minister, the Congress President said, “It has become clear that what do the slogans of ‘Minimum Sarkar, Maximum Governance’ given by the Prime Minister and his colleagues mean? This means keeping the country in a state of constant polarization and forcing people to live in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

He alleged that ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ meant targeting, oppressing and often crushing minorities, who are an integral part of our society and equal citizens of our republic.

He said that the government’s ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ means to use the age-old diversity of our society to divide us. This means intimidating political opponents, defaming them and misusing government agencies to put them in jail.

According to Sonia Gandhi, it also means destroying the independence and professionalism of democratic institutions.

He claimed that ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance means re-examining history, undermining freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru and forgetting their contributions, achievements and sacrifices’. It means glorifying the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideologues… undermining the principles of the Constitution and the foundations of justice, liberty and secularism.

Sonia Gandhi said that the government’s ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ means turning a blind eye to atrocities against Dalit, tribal, and women, creating fear in the bureaucracy, corporate groups and the media.

He said, it means trying to distract attention and keep silence when there is a need to apply a ointment.

He claimed that the spark of hatred is being ignited, which has badly affected the lives of the people and has also brought to the fore serious social consequences.

According to Sonia Gandhi, most of the citizens of the country want to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, but the BJP wants to keep the people in a state of confrontation.

Sonia Gandhi meeting senior party leaders during Chintan Shivir. (Photo: PTI)

“The BJP and its allies want to keep our people in a state of frenzy and conflict forever. They constantly instigate and provoke. We have to fight the divisive virus being spread by malice and mischief. We should do this at all costs.

Referring to the state of the economy, the Congress President said that the atmosphere of hatred and bigotry has shaken the economic foundation.

Sonia Gandhi criticized some of the Modi government’s decisions, such as demonetisation, rampant privatization of public sector units, agricultural laws and its failure to generate enough jobs and check inflation. He also drew attention to Congress’ achievements like MGNREGA and National Food Security Act.

According to him, after demonetisation in November 2016, the economy went downhill, most of the small and medium industries are in crisis, unemployment has increased tremendously and the situation is that most of the people have given up the job search.

He also mentioned MNREGA and Food Security Act and targeted the government on the issue of inflation.

He said those attending the camp should not hesitate to put forth their critical views about the working of the party. It is important that the Congress should appear united in public. By emphasizing the political agenda rather than organizational problems, Gandhi brought to the fore the core differences of the Congress with the BJP, which was also a calming message for the disgruntled leaders of the party.

The Congress President said, ‘Flexibility has been expected from time to time from our great organization. Once again we are expected to show our courage, spirit and spirit of dedication.

Sonia Gandhi said, ‘The circumstances before our organization are unprecedented. Extraordinary situations are dealt with in extraordinary ways. I am fully aware of this.

He said, “Every organization has to make changes from time to time in order not only to survive but also to grow. We are in dire need of reforms. A change in strategy is needed. Changes are needed in the way we work everyday. This is the most fundamental issue.

She said, ‘I also want to emphasize that we can be resurrected only with huge collective efforts. That massive collective effort cannot, and will not, be avoided.

Sonia Gandhi called upon the Congress leaders, ‘Today a time has come in our long and golden history, when we have to put our personal aspirations under the interest of the organization. The party has given us a lot. Now is the time to pay off the debt. I understand that nothing is necessary from this.’

Sonia Gandhi with Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Pawan Bansal, KC Venugopal during the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur. (Photo: PTI)

She said, ‘I urge you all to keep your views open. But only the message of strength, determination and unity of the organization should go out.

He also said, ‘We are not oblivious to the failures we have received. Nor are we oblivious to the struggle that we have to do and win. We have gathered collectively to take a vow.

Sonia Gandhi said, ‘We will bring our party to the same role that the party has always played and the role that the public expects from us in the current situation.’

Reacting to Sonia Gandhi’s remarks, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday said that the Congress should “introspectively” and not “think” about the country to maintain its integrity in the country’s politics. Safe in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hitting back at Congress and Sonia Gandhi, BJP’s national in-charge of media department Anil Baluni said that the Congress president should devote his energy to shaping the future of his party.

He said that instead of ‘thinking’ about the country, the Congress should do ‘self-reflection’ about rebuilding itself, as it has not only distanced itself from the common man, but from the truth i.e. the ground reality. too far away.

The BJP leader said that as far as the country is concerned, it is safe in the hands of Prime Minister Modi.

Baluni said that the people of the country have full faith in the leadership of the Prime Minister, under whom India has touched new heights.

“People have openly supported the BJP and extended their support to it election after election, while the Congress is desperate and directionless about how to play the role of a responsible opposition,” he said.

Baluni said that the Congress should first think why the law and order situation in Rajasthan under its rule is so bad and why atrocities are being committed on Dalits and women.

“The country is completely safe in the hands of the Prime Minister and is progressing,” he said.

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