Mining in Narmada river by 30 to 40 boats, villagers surrounded the staff who arrived after information. Mining was being done in the Narmada river by 30 to 40 boats, the villagers of the staff arrived after the information

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  • Mining Was Being Done In The Narmada River By 30 To 40 Boats, The Villagers Of The Staff Arrived After The Information

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The astonishing feat of sand mafia in the district was being done in the Narmada river. On this feat, the Mineral Department took a big action with promptness. The Mining Officer received information about illegal mining of sand and transportation of tractors in large numbers in Sulgaon of Mandleshwar section at 2 pm on Monday.

The mineral officer along with the staff immediately boarded the pickup and then reached the mining site with the help of a motor cycle. However, after getting the information about the arrival of the team, the mineral mafia escaped after emptying the sand filled in the tractor trolley. But the sand mafia’s spirits were definitely crushed by this action. The action of the administration lasted till late night.

The scene of illegal sand mining looked like this

In Sulgaon, sand was being extracted from the Narmada river with the help of engines from about 30 to 40 boats. The engine facilitates that the water is removed from the sand and the sand is placed in the boat. The sand is then collected in the water or outside on the shore. After this, the work of transportation is done through tractors. As soon as the arrival of the Mineral Department, some tractors escaped after emptying them. The staff of the department stopped the tractors in the village.

200 to 300 villagers surrounded the staff

The effect of the action can also be inferred from the time when the action was being taken. Then the family members involved in mining surrounded the team. At this time such an atmosphere was created as if a big incident could happen.

Seeing the opportunity, Mineral Officer Sawan Chauhan informed Collector Kumar Purushottam and SP Dharamvir Singh about the matter. After this the SDM and the police were informed.

The staff remained at their place till the police arrived. During this, creating a ruckus with the family members, started damaging the tractor wiring etc.

Build 40 to 50 mounds on the banks of Narmada

Mineral Officer Chouhan said that during the action it was seen that about 40 to 50 mounds of sand, which were taken out of the river by tractors, were found on the banks of Narmada. It was 10 o’clock in the night to bring the tractor to the police station in action.

Mandleshwar SDM also took charge

Illegal excavators and their accomplices started creating ruckus at the mining site by their families. Meanwhile, SDM Divya Patel arrived with the police force. Tractors were stopped here by about 60-70 women. Only then SDM Patel himself came forward along with the women constables and backed them and with the help of police team started all the tractors and got the tractors parked at Mandaleshwar police station.

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