Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi’s statement on Botad’s poisoned liquor case, said- No guilty person will be spared, see video | Minister of State for Home Affairs Harsh Sanghvi said that no convict will be spared in the case of Botad’s poisoned liquor, see the video

The echoes of the Hooch Tragedy in the state have reached the Parliament, the opposition is also besieging the government on this issue, while the government has also come into a defensive posture. State Minister for Home Affairs Harsh Sanghvi has said that no one guilty of alcoholism will be spared.

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Jul 30, 2022 | 7:50 PM

Poisonous liquor incident in Rojid village of Barwala taluk of Botad (Hooch Tragedy)43 people have died so far. In the entire incident, the police have so far taken 21 accused to jail. The opposition is constantly besieging the government regarding this entire incident. On the other hand, the government is working at a fast pace in the entire case. On this entire incident, Minister of State for Home Harsh Sandhavi told the media that not a single guilty person will be released in the incident of poisoning. Harsh Sanghvi in ​​conversation with reporters (Harsh Sanghvi)It said that the government is working seriously and the whole case is going on in the fast track court.

Harsh Sanghvi also appreciated the work of the police and said to form 30 teams to take the affected to the hospital immediately. Sanghvi said that whoever is responsible in this case will not be released, on the other hand, on the issue of suspension of police officers, he said that the people who were responsible for the area have also been immediately suspended.

Policy Considerations on Controlling Methanol Alcohol

In addition, Harsh Sanghvi said that the government is also moving forward on the policy of how to control the presence of methanol alcohol so that this kind of incident does not happen in the future. With this, Harsh Sanghvi said that I assure you that action will be taken against all the people involved in this liquor racket. Earlier, Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi met the victims of toxic alcohol who were undergoing treatment at Ahmedabad Civil and inquired about their well-being. Let us tell you that more than 100 people were affected in this toxic liquor.


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