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Minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay visits SRK fan cancer patient’s home

Published by: Sandipta Bhanja | Posted: May 24, 2023 8:33 pm| Updated: May 24, 2023 8:33 pm

Minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay visits SRK fan cancer patient's home  Sangbad Pratidin

Arnav Das, Barakpur: Sixty-four-year-old Shivani Chakraborty, a resident of Khardah, spoke to the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan on a video call on Monday night. Later on Wednesday, local MLA and Minister Shovandev Chattopadhyay went to his Dakshinpally house. Khardah Municipality Chairman Neelu Sarkar was with him.

The minister spoke to Shivani Devi and her family and assured them of their support. Later, senior leader Shobhandev Chattopadhyay told reporters, “They have recovered after being treated at a private hospital. Now the treatment is going on in the government hospital through health card. I will stand by them as much as possible. Shah Rukh Khan is a very tall man. He spoke to them despite being extremely busy. He promised to be by his side. It is highly appreciated.”

[আরও পড়ুন: অনলাইনে ফাঁস আদা শর্মার নম্বর! ক্রমাগত ভুয়ো ফোনের জেরে অতিষ্ঠ ‘দ্য কেরালা স্টোরি’ নায়িকা]

Incidentally, Shivani Chakraborty was an employee of a private organization. At home are her daughter Priya and husband. Shivanidevi was suffering from physical problems since her retirement. In 2021, he developed a problem with his spine. After undergoing treatment, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2022. Her husband was also retired. His daughter Priya Chakraborty was the only earner in the family. But due to the deterioration of the mother’s physical condition, the daughter was also forced to leave work to take care of her.

Shivani Devi and her daughter were blind fans of Shah Rukh Khan from the very beginning. So while spending time with mother, Priya used to watch Shah Rukh Khan movies and discuss about King Khan. It could be seen that the old woman suffering from cancer is mentally stronger. Since then, Priya decided to meet Shah Rukh Khan with her mother. At first he thought of taking his mother to Mumbai. But Shivani Devi’s sick body could not take the pressure of such a journey. So the girl expressed this desire through social media. At the same time, the cancer patient’s daughter was trying to communicate with King Khan as best she could.

[আরও পড়ুন: একেবারেই ‘ফ্লপ’ শো! বনগাঁর হল পেল, কিন্তু দর্শকদের মন পেল না ‘দ্য কেরালা স্টোরি’]

Shahrukh’s fan club promoted the issue. Finally this news reached King Khan. Shahrukh’s office called on Monday and informed that King Khan himself will talk to Shivani Devi at night. That moment comes after nine o’clock. ‘Pathan’ talks to Shivani Devi and her daughter on video call for more than 30 minutes.

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