Mirabai Chanu: Struggled for family by lifting loads of wood, overcame depression-injury anxiety, now a medal machine | Mirabai Chanu records journey injury depression olympic medal commonwealth champion cwg 2022 weightlifting


Mirabai Chanu is touching new heights of success as she repeats the memorable history that Karnam Malleshwari wrote by winning a medal at the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000.

Mirabai Chanu: Struggled for family by lifting loads of wood, overcame depression-injury anxiety, now a medal machine

Mirabai Chanu won the gold medal

24 July 2021 was a very special day for India. On this day, India won its first medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Now 30th July 2022 has also become a very special day because on this day India has Birmingham. Commonwealth Games 2022 (Commonwealth Games 2022) won his first gold medal in The gold medal came into India’s grasp exactly as it was supposed to. Both these dates are being mentioned because the main character in both of them is Mirabai Chanu (Mirabai Chanu) is India’s star weightlifter. Mirabai Chanu lifted 201 kg to win her second consecutive CWG gold in Birmingham. However, Mirabai’s journey was not that easy.

Karnam Malleswari made history by winning a bronze medal in weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics 2000 and immortalized himself in Indian sports. Along with her, Kunjrani Devi also gave recognition to women’s weightlifting in India. Many girls were influenced by these giants and one of them was Mirabai Chanu. Kunjrani Devi, who hails from Manipur, particularly influenced Meerabai from this state, who inspired Meera to play the sport.

Feel the strength by lifting a heavy piece of wood

Mirabai Chanu not only holds an Olympic medal, but also holds the Olympic and World records for clean and jerk in the 49 kg category. That is, the power is abundant and estimated at a young age. When Mirabai was about 12 years old, her family recognized this strength and found it in heavy lifting of wooden planks. Mirabai used to easily lift loads of wood at a young age for the family’s needs. This opened his way to retraining.

It’s a heart-breaking and gut-wrenching failure…

A start has been made, but the real challenge comes in the competition, where success and failure have their own impact. Mirabai made a name for herself by winning silver at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and then qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics, where expectations were high. But not everyone gets the first shot at such a big event and that was the case with Mirabai. Too bad, too—she was only successful once in a total of 6 attempts, 3-3 of snatch and clean and jerk, and was out of medal contention.

Depression left behind

Ryo’s frustration finally took its toll and Mirabai became depressed. He also stopped eating and drinking for some time. There is always the same question that how did all this hard work pay off? At such a time coach Vijay Sharma took over and got him back in training again. Slowly the results came out. First created history by winning the gold medal at the 2017 World Championship and then won the gold at the CWG 2018 as well.

A machine of record and history

However, once again the blockage occurred and this time the back pain took much longer. It took him a long time to recover from this injury and when he did, he made a brilliant comeback. At the 2022 Asian Championships, Mirabai set a world record in the clean and jerk by lifting 119 kg, and a year later in Tokyo she etched her name in the pages of history. All in all, these years of struggle are now yielding good results.