Missing toddler found dead in Northumberland County


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A massive search for a missing 20-month-old girl in Northumberland County ended Thursday when Tott was found dead.

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The child went missing from a daycare operation on County Road 45 north of Cobourg around 5:20 a.m. and people from all over joined Ontario Provincial Police in the search for him.

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Among the searchers was local reporter and photographer Pete Fisher, who put away his cameras and frantically searched for him.

The girl was found missing when her mother came to pick her up, Fisher said. The child was last seen about 20 minutes ago.

Tragically, she was found dead in an open well outside the fenced playground. His family was distraught at the scene.

This is the worst possible outcome and every parent’s nightmare.

The OPP’s Criminal Investigation Unit has been called in to investigate.

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