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Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi said that crimes were committed in Karachi and the criminals were also arrested.

While holding a press conference in Lahore, Mohsin Naqvi said that IG Sindh is dealing with the issue of peace in Karachi, criminals will not be given any concession.

The Home Minister added that no one will be allowed to throw mud, there is no need to make a big issue of the Bahawalnagar incident.

Conditions in Karachi are better, people are living a prosperous life, Interior Minister Sindh

He said that the masterminds of recent terrorist incidents are in Afghanistan, Pakistan has doubts about terrorism from Afghanistan, and is always talking to Afghanistan about it.

Mohsin Naqvi said that India was involved in several incidents of terrorism in Pakistan, India was suspected to be involved in the shooting of Amir Tanba, who was involved in the attack on Indian terrorist Sarbjit Singh.

Mohsin Naqvi’s meeting with Ali Amin Gandapura reiterated his determination to end terrorism

The interior minister said that the price of electricity is very high, our meeting is also over-billing, FIA Lahore has done a good job in this regard, 83 crore units are overcharged by LESCO, it is a waste of government offices. The common man is overcharged, the poor with 300 units are also overcharged.

Protecting Chinese citizens is the first responsibility, Mohsin Naqvi

He said that the campaign will not stop until the over-billing is over, they will start the work related to over-billing all over Pakistan.

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