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Money laundering in BC: special prosecutor does not press charges

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No charges will be filed in one of British Columbia’s largest money laundering investigations, despite a government directive for a special prosecutor to conduct a second review of a police investigation.

The BC Prosecutor’s Office says in a statement that Special Counsel Chris Considine agrees with an earlier decision by the Prosecutor’s Office that standards for reviewing the charges had not been met and that no charges would be approved.

Considine, a senior Victoria attorney, was appointed last March to conduct an independent indictment review of the multi-year E-Nationalize investigation, which concluded in 2021, proposing eight charges against Paul King Jin of Richmond, BC.

According to the statement, proposed charges against Jin include money and bank draft money laundering, possession of property obtained through the commission of a felony, and failure to register a money services company.

The statement includes a letter signed by Prime Minister David Eby in November 2021, when he was Attorney General of BC, to direct the Criminal Justice Branch to appoint a lawyer to conduct the independent indictment review.

Jin was represented by attorneys at the Cullen Commission’s public inquiry into money laundering in BC which concluded billions in illicit funds linked to organized crime and the drug trade impacting the real estate, gaming and luxury car sectors of BC, but it found no corruption by officials.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on March 1, 2023.


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