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1.Bengaluru: Viral infections on the rise in children: See what doctors say

It has been a few months since schools started as usual and now doctors in Bengaluru have noticed that the cases of viral fever and respiratory tract infections are increasing among school going children in Bengaluru, especially among children below 12 years of age. While many primary school teachers say that at least 15 to 20 students in a class are sick, pediatricians say that one in four children has been suffering from an infection like viral fever for the past three weeks.

2. Karnataka Weather Today; People tremble at the shout of Varuna; Fear of landslides, floods

People are expecting that the rainfall will decrease today or tomorrow. But rain ray is shouting like a hole in the sky. Problems (Rain Effect) are also created due to continuous rain. Flood (Flood) anxiety, land collapsing (Landslide) Anno fear has made home in the hill country and riverside residents. Already in some parts of the state, people are offering prayers for less rain. The Meteorological Department has predicted rain in the state today and tomorrow as well. Today will be completely cloudy weather and it will rain. Varunadeva is raging in the northern hinterland.

3.Muslim Bride: A Muslim bride who participated in her own wedding in a mosque! A new controversy

Women in India are now breaking the conventional thinking. They are getting out to do what they love most. But this time a Muslim woman (Muslim Bride) has really achieved a remarkable feat. His father’s full support for it is a good thing that everyone should note. For the first time, a Muslim bride from Kerala attended her wedding in a Masjid along with the groom, her father and other men from both families, setting a new trend in the community. In Muslim marriages, the bride hardly attends the wedding ceremony as it is an agreement between the father of the bride and the groom.

4.HBD Mahesh Babu: Pokiri power that does not decrease even after 16 years! Mahesh Babu movie super super super

Earlier, if all the movies ran for 100 days after release, it was great. There are also examples of some movies running for more than 100 days in repeat run. But recently a movie is not standing in the theater for even a month after its release. Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu’s all-time hit film Pokiri is releasing in select theaters today, Mahesh Babu’s birthday. Superstar Mahesh Babu recently made a comeback with the film Sarkaru Vaari Pata. The movie came amid strong expectations and became an average hit. Now she will be doing her next film with Trivikram. Pre-production work is currently underway. By the way, on the occasion of Mahesh’s birthday, Pokiri is releasing again today in select theaters.

5.Parrot Case: Families who have reached the police station for the parrot! What happened anyway?

Many in the neighborhood have conflicts with their neighbors. There will be quarrels over fence, road and good manners. Good luck finding neighbors who won’t cause any trouble. If they face a lot of trouble from their neighbours, some of them even approach the Police Station. A resident of Shivaji Nagar, irritated by the constant whistling and screeching of his neighbour’s pet parrot, filed a complaint against the bird’s owner with the Khadki police on Thursday night. The police have registered a non-cognizable offense after receiving a complaint from a senior citizen.

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