morning digest top kannada news today on july 29 2022 have a quick look mrq

1.Mandya: The sow of an illicit relationship; Finish the story of a friend who set his eyes on his friend’s mother-in-law

This is called Illicit Relationship. The way that death has always been tied to its back. Similarly in Belagola, Mandya village, a man fell victim to an illicit relationship. But here is the complete story of who he had an illicit relationship with and how he died. Yes, this incident took place in Belagola village of Sriranagapatna taluk of Mandya district. A 32-year-old man named Ravi was murdered in front of Savita Bar in Belagola village around 9 o’clock at night. In front of the bar, Raviyan’s friend Sharath alias Appi slit his throat and attacked him with a machete at around 9 pm. Later, when the people present at the spot tried to catch Sharath, he escaped from there.

2.Woman Luck Shines: The lucky diamond of a woman who went to the forest to pick wood!

Panna, which is known as the jewel city of Madhya Pradesh, has changed the future of many people. Thousands of stories of luck breaking and life changing can be heard in Panna. A similar but slightly different story of a woman’s fate has come to light. A precious gem found when a tribal woman went to the forest has turned her fortune.

3.Belagavi: One photo, 19 lakh; Young women use social media, beware of such people

You should become famous overnight from social media. It is not safe for young women to post their photos on Facebook and Instagram as they will get more likes and comments. Young women who upload photos on social media should be careful. Belagavi CEN Police has put a full stop to Khadeem’s Khatarnak story of making money using your photos if you upload all your photos saying that you will get more likes and comments.

4.Gold And Silver Price: Did you miss buying gold yesterday? Check today’s rate here

Yesterday, the price of one gram of gold decreased to Rs 4,645. But today the price of gold is Rs 4,710 per gram, an increase of Rs 650 per 10 grams of gold. Today, 22 carat gold price (ten grams) in the capital Bangalore is Rs. 47,150 while in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata its price is Rs. 47,670 Rs. 47,100, Rs. 47,100 is. The price of gold in the country’s capital Delhi today is Rs 47,250. is Silver price in Bangalore has increased today as compared to yesterday. Silver prices per 10gm, 100gm, 1000gm (1kg) in the city are Rs. 612, Rs. 6,120 and Rs. 61,200 are. Also, one kg silver price in Chennai is Rs. 61,200 while in Delhi Rs. 56,500 in Mumbai to Rs. 56,500 and in Kolkata Rs. 56,500 are.

5.Snake Eats Golf Balls: A snake swallowed a golf ball like a chicken egg! what else happened

Food chain can be observed like grass for grasshopper, grasshopper for frog, frog for snake, snake for hawk (Eagle). Usually some snakes eat chicken egg as their food. Now a news related to Snake is circulating on social media. A snake got into danger after swallowing golf balls thinking they were chicken eggs.

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