Mulbagal Dosa: Modi’s name should be associated with ‘Mulbagilu Dosa’! Pipa News


Mulbagal Dosa: Modi’s name should be associated with ‘Mulbagilu Dosa’!

Kolar: It is common to mention the names of holy places and great people in election campaigns. But this is the first time by mentioning the name of Mulbagal Dosa (Mulbagal Dosa) of Kolar District (Kolar News), Prime Minister Narendra Modi has impersonated the taste of Mulbagalu Dosa. At present, the dosa vendors at the front door are very happy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the BJP mega convention organized in Kolar. Modi, who started his speech in Kannada as usual, drew the attention of the people by saying “My greetings to the people of the land of gold”. Later, in the middle of the speech, when the express highway work in progress between Bangalore and Chennai is proposed, this route will also be helpful for the development here. Kolar’s front door Dosa kamppu will spread to the neighboring states as well. Laughingly, he said in his speech that its taste will become more popular.

Kurudumale Vinayaka temple is also famous

Kurudumale Vinayaka Temple in Mulbagilu Taluk of Devamule Kolar District of Karnataka is quite famous. But there is no example of people who come to the tourist spots of this taluk and return without tasting Mulabagilu dosa. Mulbagilu dosa corner shops are located in the alleys of Mulbagilu city. Scenes of dosa lovers thronging daily are naturally seen.

Mulabagilu dosa has been available for 30 years

For the past 30 years, Mulabagilu dosa business has been going on in Mulabagilu city. Since 2016, Mulabagilu dosa kampu has spread not only in our state but also abroad. Mulabagilu dosa is famous for preparing dosa flour in a small pan, adding ghee and spices, then adding potato paste and chutney.

Demand is expected to increase

It is a favorite snack of frequent tourists. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sung praises about masala dosa at the front door, and there is no doubt that the demand for dosa will increase further.

Modi’s name for dosa!

Mulbagilu BJP candidate Shigehalli Sunder has expressed happiness that the name of Mulbagilu Dosa was mentioned in the platform speech. He expressed his opinion that henceforth it should not be a surprise that Modi is called Mulabagilu Dosa.

Report: Raghuraj, News 18 Kannada Kolar