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Multan Sultans spin bowling coach started fasting

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Alex Ahartley, the spin consultant of Multan Sultans, has taken inspiration from the dedication of the players and has decided to observe fasting alongside them. In a video statement, he expressed his motivation, stating that he wanted to experience firsthand the challenges faced by the players who fast during Ramadan while also playing cricket at night.

Ahartley mentioned that he himself observes fasting during Ramadan and wanted to empathize with the players’ experiences. Describing the fasting routine, he explained that they eat their pre-dawn meal at four in the morning and then abstain from food and water throughout the day. The fast is broken at night, followed by prayers.

Acknowledging the difficulty of fasting, Ahartley admitted feeling thirsty during the fasting hours. His decision to fast along with the players reflects his commitment to understanding their experiences and supporting them during this time.

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