Mumbai lost the match right there… A big hit from Shubman Gill, see what happened Pipa News


Mumbai lost the match right there… A big hit from Shubman Gill, see what happened

AHMEDABAD: Now the fans are starting to wonder if the players of Mumbai have their heads in the right place. Everyone knows that in cricket there is no excuse for mistakes. But this time the Mumbai team was hit hard by mistakes. Because that could be the only reason for Mumbai’s defeat. Because Gill took advantage of the mistakes and scored a century and these mistakes cost Mumbai a lot. The Mumbai team won the toss and accepted the bowling first. At that time, this decision was said to be correct. But now we can see that where Gill is present, all the equations change. Gill did the same in this match. Gill started hitting hard from the start. So from the start of the match, the Gujarat team had maintained a good pace of runs. Therefore, the discussion about who will dismiss Gill started in the Mumbai team. Then Rohich Sharma tried to drag him into his net, also planned the same strategy. But this strategy could not be executed and that is where the match turned. Because the Mumbai players had a good chance to dismiss Gill for 30 runs. Because in the sixth over when Chris Jordan came to bowl. Gill was caught on the fifth ball of this over. But this easy catch was dropped by Tim David of the Mumbai team and there he got his first life. Then in the eighth over, Gill got two lives. This over was bowled by Kumar Karthikeya. Ishan Kishan had a good chance to get him on the wicket on the fourth ball of this over. But this opportunity was lost. After that, on the fifth ball, the Mumbai team had a chance to catch him again. But then Tilak Verma let go of his catch and Gill was on 36 at that time. So this time, Mumbai gave up three chances to dismiss Gill before his half-century and Mumbai suffered a big blow.

The match was won in Mumbai and the fireworks exploded in Bangalore; What he couldn’t do for himself, he did for RCB

The Mumbai players gave not one but three lives to the in-form Shubman Gill this time and now it was seen that the Mumbai team fell heavily.