Munugodu by Elections: Telangana politics.. Is the national party afraid of contesting in Munugodu?

Munugodu is a popular name in Telangana politics for the past few days. Congress MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy (MLA Rajagopal Reddy) has resigned and joined the BJP (BJP), politics is going on juicy. The Speaker has already accepted the resignation and informed the Central Election Commission. With this by-election (Munugodu By elections) is going to be inevitable. But if the respective parties start searching for candidates, should some parties actually contest? don’t you Or are in a dilemma. The first one is the CPI. The CPI, a national party, is yet to decide whether to contest the by-elections for the previous assembly seat. CPI leaders say that a decision is likely to be taken regarding the contest in this election after the party’s general meetings are over. CPI leaders met at Chandur in Munugodu assembly constituency on Friday. In this meeting, the party leaders discussed about the by-elections to be held in Munugodu assembly constituency along with the party general meetings. But already there are many cases where deposits are lost due to competition for prestige in positions. It is reported that the leaders are also thinking why compete where there is not much strength and lose deposits again.

With decreasing prevalence..

At that time, CPI candidates won several times from Munugodu assembly seat in the united state of AP. CPI or Congress candidates have won from this seat. After the resignation of Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy, the CPI leaders are discussing the contest for this post. But now the left is not as dominant as it was then. Because of this, they are not going so strongly into the people. Now TRS, BJP and Congress parties are busy.

However, the CPI leaders say that they will also discuss with the CPM about contesting the by-elections for the Assembly seat. CPI and CPM have a vote bank in this constituency. However, it is not yet clear whether the Left parties will contest this seat separately or together. Left parties have not decided whether they will contest or support any party in this by-election. CPI leader Palla Venkat Reddy announced that he will announce whether to contest in this constituency or not after the party convention.

To bring former glory to TDP..

On the other hand, it is known that TDP does not exist in Telangana… There is no proper leadership or support for TDP… At such a time, it is reported that Chandrababu is planning to bring the former glory to TDP in Telangana. But this is not an easy matter…otherwise they are trying to field the TDP candidate to find out the extent of their power.

In the previous election, the BC category had more votes…I think that the BCs are still fond of TDP…that’s why the TDP leaders are thinking of contesting there. It is reported that Chandrababu has also agreed to this. TDP state general secretary…previous in-charge Jakkali Ilaiyah Yadav is getting ready to enter the ring on behalf of TDP. It seems that Ailaiah from the BC group has some hold in the constituency. With this, he is getting ready for the competition.

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