Nagaon: North-East is the capital of cancer patients, India’s cancer patients are on the rise due to food habits. Pipa News

Nagaon: North-East is the capital of cancer patients, India’s cancer patients are on the rise due to food habits.

The Dulal Chandra Goswami Memorial Research Distribution Program organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Dulal Chandra Goswami Nyas and Nagaon College (At’Namach) was held today. Internal Quality Assurance Cell Coordinator Dr. Bhuvan Chandra Chutiai Anth Dhara and College Principal Dr. Sharat Barkatki presided over the distribution ceremony, Dr. B Baruwa Cancer Institute ex-director and eminent cancer doctor Dr. Amal Chandra Cuttacki as chief guest.

Dr. Cuttack 2022 ‘Dulal Chandra Goswami Memorial Research Distribution’ was presented by Dr. Lakshyajyoti Barthakur, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Dr. Tiken Dasak, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Nagaon College (Ottanamach). Dr. Amal Chandra was present as the chief guest at the distribution ceremony. In terms of life style and diet, there is a big difference between Western countries and India in terms of cancer patients. is

Drug use accounts for 22.3 percent of the population’s cancer deaths in the Northeast, compared to 12 percent for the rest of India. Dr. Cutti Sabbhavati Surveyed Breast Cut Yogi Number Hyderabad Zilat is 5 percent of the North-Eastern Country Papaya, Zilat Chhavix Utai Cutti, in the Papaya Papaya. the most

In the context, Dr. Garakie, the cancer capital of the North-East Region, also commented. On the other hand, marriage before reaching adulthood, early pregnancy, low frequency of pregnancy, poor nutrition, lack of hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sexual intercourse between men and women, smoking, etc.

Dr. Cutkeye also mentions early menarche, irregular menses, infertility, premature birth, breast failure, hereditary breast cancer, obesity and early stage breast cancer. Bully comment will be helpful in the advent of the Yogidi Kakat Yoga, the basic commentary on the breast, eating style, the eating style, the eating style, the coconut yoga, the bullies comment on the social. Be alert to the examination of the disease.

Speaker Alok Goswami participated in the program as a distinguished guest and unveiled the book entitled ‘Introduction to Development Psychology’ by Assistant Professor Dr. Afzalu Rahman, Department of Education, Nagaon College. More than five hundred professors, research students and other students are present in the distribution ceremony. In the program, Dr. Ferista Yachmine Shalagar Sarai Agvadha.

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