Nagpur: Stop Coal Movement of Vidarbha activists, Activists detained in Umred Pipa News

Nagpur: Stop Coal Movement of Vidarbha activists, Activists detained in Umred

Nagpur; Leading News Service: Vidarbha activists under the leadership of former MLAs Vamanrao Chatap, Mukesh Masurkar and others staged a coal stop protest in the coal mine area of ​​Umred in Nagpur district. Some activists of this movement were detained by the police from Umred.

In this protest held on Maharashtra Day, the state and central government were condemned. The activists came in black caps, dresses, armbands. Heavy security was deployed at the protest site. Sources informed that Vidarbha activists were also arrested in Sadar area of ​​Nagpur. The men and women activists who tried to break through the police barricade were detained by the police.

Will get Vidarbha state by 31st December

Meanwhile, at this time determination was expressed to get Vidarbha state by 31st December. Electricity is expensive in Vidarbha itself while producing the largest amount of coal. There is an army of unemployed. Mukesh Masurkar expressed his determination that since there is no employment, there is no option but to separate our state from Vidarbha state. We will not allow our coal to go out. Such declarations of our state, Vidarbha state, Vidarbha as our right were made on this occasion. Black day by Nagvidarbha Andolan Samiti, during a statement to Gadkari, May 1 Maharashtra Day was observed as Black Day by Nagvidarbha Andolan Samiti. The Vidarbha protestors had demanded the police to meet Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and give a statement. The police informed this to Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari invited five protesters including Ahmed Kader to his house and listened to them.

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