Nakuul Mehta reveals how his wife Janaki reacts to his romantic scenes: He enjoys watching my work PiPa News

Nakuul Mehta reveals how his wife Janaki reacts to his romantic scenes: He enjoys watching my work

Nakuul Mehta was recently seen in the second season of Never Kiss Your Best Friend. The show which also starred Anya Singh and Karan Wahi released on 29 April and received a positive response from the audience. recently spoke to Nakul, which was joined by his co-star Anya Singh. During the interview, the Bade Achhe Lagte Hain actor was asked how his wife Janki Parekh reacts to their romantic scenes on screen. The actor mentioned that Janki enjoys watching his work and criticizes the same. However, he also specified that his wife doesn’t mind her husband romancing anyone as she knows it is a part of his job.

“His reaction is similar to my action sequences or any other scene. I think she understands. In fact, he really enjoys watching my work. I know she follows Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. He saw Never Kiss Your Best Friend. She really enjoys it. Sometimes she criticizes my work as well. I guess she doesn’t mind about ‘my husband is romancing someone’,” Nakul told

Talking about the same, Nakul’s co-star Anya Singh said that Janki is not possessive or insecure. “Janki is a very secure woman. In the amount of time I’ve spent with him, I’ve never seen him upset or possessive, or insecure. He is a very safe person. She knows it’s part of my husband’s job.”

During the interview, Nakul was also asked what changes he can feel after welcoming his son Sufi. The actor mentioned that he has remained calm and grounded since Sufi came into life. “I’ve definitely calmed down, I feel grounded. I have become more certain about what I want from life. I always thought I knew and it just goes deeper. (I know) where I find my joy and happiness. In many ways, my need for validation — especially the one we actors need all the time — has diminished significantly. To me, today’s success is simply a good time to build something. For me it is already a success, I think, everything that happens from here is extra. I think these changes have happened after the pandemic and after parenthood,” he shared.

When asked if it was difficult working together in Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 and Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, Nakul asked Anya Singh to answer for him. The actress laughed and said that even though it is difficult to work together on OTT and TV, Nakul doesn’t look like it is busy. She further praised Nakuul Mehta and talked about his dedication towards both the characters, Sumer on OTT and Ram on television.

“Is it hard? 100%. Does he look like it’s hard? Not at all. He looks great when we were in London and kept flying together for Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2. This Gets busy because you are playing two different characters, both with equal responsibility. In Never Kiss Your Best Friend, he has some responsibility towards Sumer (Nakul’s character in the show) and Ram in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. They have similar responsibilities. There was, he never said, ‘Hey year’s going to be a lot’,” she said.

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