Namakkal: The first female conductor to be appointed to the Government Transport Corporation

For the first time in Namakkal district, a woman from Rasipuram area has been appointed as a conductor in a government bus.

Muniyappan hails from Palaniappanur area next to Rasipuram in Namakkal district. He worked as a ticket inspector at the Salem Regional Transport Corporation and has a son, Ilayaraja, and a daughter, Ilayarani. In this situation, Muniyappan died in 2010 due to ill health.


The young queen was subsequently registered for employment offered on a heir basis. In this position, the young lady has got an opportunity to work in the State Transport Corporation for the last 2 months. He has been training at the Transport Corporation for the last one month.

Following this, Ilayarani was appointed as the city bus operator at the Rasipuram workshop. Following the appointment of the female driver, she has been highly praised by many on the bus. It is enough because the young queen said that there was an intention to achieve in any field. This is why Ilayarani said that she is working enthusiastically as a conductor. She is the first female conductor of Namakkal district.


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