Namdhari Darbar will participate in the All Religion Summit on March 9 Punjab News Pipa News

Namdhari Darbar will participate in the All Religion Summit on March 9 Punjab News

Chandigarh – We feel extremely happy and proud to say that under the auspices of Satguru Uday Singh ji, during the annual Hola Mohalla of this year, Sarb Dharma Summit ‘Ek Pita Ek K Hum Barak’ on March 9, Sri Bhaini Sahib, (Ludhiana). We are going to do it at This all-faith convention will be dedicated to peace, tranquility and human harmony throughout the world.

The Namdhari Sangat is known for its glorious and dignified traditions. During the colonial period in history, the Namdhari sect maintained its excellent traditions and campaigned for social service as well as human freedom, equality and equal respect for women. The foundation of the Namdhari sect rests on spirituality and Gurbani.

Satguru Ram Singh ji started the non-naming movement against the British rule during the Kuka movement in 1857. Satguru Ram Singh Ji is known as the founder of the Namilvartan movement during the freedom struggle. During the social reform movement, he took a big revolutionary step by breaking the tradition of widow marriage. Along with this, the ritual of marriage without dowry was carried out for women through Amritpana and Anand Karja.

The Namdhari Sangat also believes that music plays an important role for peace of mind and absorption in spirituality. The eponymous Sangeet Gharana has touched new heights by achieving this honor.

Man, the best creation of Akal Purakh, is facing a very terrible period these days. A victim of his own ego, man is falling into greed, attachment, maya, hatred and violence. In every part of the world, the instability, restlessness has assumed a terrible form.

The world today needs a message of peace, tolerance, truth, mental contentment, morality and integrity. These symptoms can be removed only with spirituality and love. Religion is the only way to achieve this. Only commonality, peace and unity can lay the strong foundation of a good society. This convention is being organized for this purpose.

The heads of all religions have been invited to attend this conference. Radha Swami Beas Chief Maharaj Gurinder Singh Ji, H.H. Swami Avdeshananda Giriji Maharaj, H.H. Jain Acharya, Dr. Lokesh Muni Ji, Haji Syed Salman Chishti (Gaddi Nashin Dargah Ajmer Sharif), Bodh Samaj, Sant Niranjan Das Ji, Dera Ballan Wale, Nihang Singh Organizations and Sikh Sant Samaj have agreed to participate in this event.

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