Narsingi Inter student Satwik writes in her suicide letter Pipa News


Narsingi Inter student Satwik writes in her suicide letter

N. is an inter-student in Sri Chaitanya College, Narsingh. It is known that Satvik committed suicide on Tuesday night. Fellow students are alleging that Satvik died due to the pressure of the college management. In this order, Satvik’s suicide letter came out.

Satvik expressed his grief saying that those four were the reason for his death. Mom, dad, brother.. I’m sorry for doing this. No intention to hurt you. Krishna Reddy, Acharya, Shobhan and Naresh harassed. Couldn’t bear their harassment. They gave hell to the students in the hostel. Unable to bear their harassment, he commits suicide. Take action against the four people who harassed me. Mom, Dad Love You, Miss You Friends. It is not because of me to endure torture mom…that’s why I did this bad thing..sorry mom..I don’t want anyone to suffer from the take serious action against them..sorry I am causing you all a lot of Satvik wrote in his suicide letter that he is sorry please.

ACP Ramana Goud said that the police have already registered a case against the faculty Acharya, Krishna Reddy and Warden Naresh, the owner of Sri Chaitanya College based on the complaint of Satvik’s parents. It has been explained that we are also investigating the videos of some staff members beating students in the classroom.