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NASA’s space craft will collide with asteroid

New York. US space agency NASA has made such a spacecraft (NASA’s space craft) Made which will deliberately collide with a small asteroid named Dimorphos. However, there is no danger to the Earth from this asteroid. According to this mission it will be known that these dangerous looking rocks can be removed from their path by deliberate accident.

On September 26, the Double Asteroid Redirect Test spacecraft will collide with an asteroid that is not too far from Earth. Fox says that the goal of this project is to protect the Earth from the dangers of the coming asteroid.

space agency tweeted
The space agency shared a post on Twitter and said, ‘Beautiful path our Dart mission Dimorphos will head towards an asteroid. However, it does not pose any threat to the earth. The spacecraft’s imager took a picture. The four largest moons are visible in it.

NASA will deliberately collide with asteroid NASA’s space craft Giving information about its mission, NASA has shared important information on its official Twitter handle.
According to a release from the space agency, the Asteroid Camera for Didymos Reconnaissance and Optical Navigation on NASA’s DART mission, or DRACO, has taken hundreds of pictures of the stars as it progresses towards its much-anticipated September 26 collision with the binary asteroid Didymos. . .images provided by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) team, which is in charge of the project for NASA.

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