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Mumbai : For many days, all the serials in the TRP figures are of Star Pravah. Once this place was Zee Marathi. At that time, the serials of other channels could not even spin. So what is the waistline of Zee Marathi. New serials are coming on this channel.

The new serial ‘Nava Gadi Navam Rajya’ on Zee Marathi is starting to hit the audience from 8th August. The sweet story of Rama and Anandi’s life is coming to the audience. The serial stars Anita Date, Pallavi Patil and Kashyap Parulekar in lead roles. Saisha Bhoir will also be there.

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Perhaps for the first time in the history of television, Zee Marathi organized a Divya premiere event for a serial in Mumbai. At this time, all the actors, technicians of the series, along with the journalists from the entertainment industry were also present at the premiere. Anita Date, Pallavi Patil and Kashyap Parulekar expressed their happiness on this occasion.

“We were really looking forward to this premiere. It might be the first time that a Marathi serial has such a grand premiere. We and all our team have worked hard for this. We are very happy to watch the premiere. We are very sure that our next different series will be a hit with the audience. It will definitely get a place in the mind,” said the artist.

Pallavi Patil will be seen in the role of Anandi in this serial. Anita Date will play the role of Rama and Saisha Bhoir will play the role of Rama’s daughter. Actor Kashyap Parulekar will also be seen in a central role in the series. Zee became number one in Marathi TRP due to the serial of Mere Naveraychi Baiko. Everyone liked Anita Datta’s role as Radhika in it. Now Zee Marathi is trying the same command.

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Actress Pallavi Patil has played many roles in Marathi cinema. Pallavi played important roles in movies like Classmates, Savita Damodar Paranjpe, Boys 2, Triple Seat, Tu Atar Avara. Pallavi played Dr. Jigarbaaz in the series. The character of Suhani Gaikwad was raised. Now Pallavi is once again coming to the small screen.

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